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How To Sign Up At Pinnacle From Canada

Promo Sign up at Pinnacle


The Gambling Industries is a market that has existed for many, many years. Currently there is a modality that has gained more and more followers, the online betting. There are more and more Sportsbooks and casinos that allow you to place almost any type of bets, from the comfort of your cell phone.



If you are in Canada and want to place online bets, in this article we will be commenting on everything you need to do to sign up at Pinnacle, one of the best Sportsbook available to Canadian bettors.


Online Betting From Canada


Online gambling has a growing following worldwide and Canada is no exception. Today we can say that there is not a country in the world in which bets are not placed on-line. Of course, in each country the conditions are different. There are some countries like the United States where online gambling is legal only in some cities.

In the case of Canada, online gambling is completely legal in the territory as long as you meet certain conditions, such as the fact that the bettor must be of legal age.

More and more Sportsbooks are trying to conquer the Canadian market that makes It is a bit difficult to choose a good Sportsbook when starting the world of online betting.

If you are a beginner or if you simply do not know which Sportsbook to register from Canada, we fully recommend Pinnacle. Pinnacle is the best Sportsbook to place bets from Canada and here we will tell you everything you need to know about that site, including all the steps you must follow to sing up at Pinnacle.


Pinnacle Sportsbook & Casino


Pinnacle is one of those betting sites that enjoys a great reputation internationally.  It is a company established since 1998 and has an international license granted on the island of Curaçao.

Pinnacle is currently one of those international Sportsbooks that has bettors in all parts of the world, including of course Canada for whom it has interesting news.

Pinnacle is an ideal betting site for Canadian bettors, because it provides the best odds to Canadian gamblers. We will be talking about them later in this article where we will also tell you how to register step by step in Pinnacle.



How To Sign Up (Step By Step) At Pinnacle From Canada


Sign up at Pinnacle is really very easy. Next, we will tell you step by step how to Sign up at Pinnacle.


Visit Pinnacle Web Site

Pinnacle has a host of reasons why it is the best sportsbook and casino for bet from Canada. One of them is that it has a very easy to navigate website, with a design quite attractive, and it is also an internet page that works with the https protocol therefore it is a 100% secure website.

Once you visit the Pinnacle website, you will find a button that just by clicking you will start the Sing Up process.


Fill The Forms

When you click on the button to register in Pinnacle, the page will take you to start Sing Up process. Next, a kind of forms will appear in front of you that you must fill in with personal data and your account data. There you must provide your name, you last name, your phone number, your email address; plus other information related to your account such as your username and password.


Verify Your Data

There is something important with the information you are going to provide. It must be completely real; you must not provide a fake email or phone number that is out of order. That kind of information will help Pinnacle to make sure that you meet the basic requirements to be a user on their platform. One of them is that you must be of legal age, among other details

There are also personal data that can be requested, such as your identity document. Pinnacle will send you emails through which you can confirm the information you have submitted, and once Pinnacle verifies your details, you are practically ready to start betting.


Make Your First Deposit

Once you have fulfilled the previous data, you are ready to make your first deposit and you can make it with Canadian dollars using Visa or Mastercads if you prefer do it with an electronic card.

If you are a gambler of the new era and you like E-Wallets more, you can make your first  deposit through Entropay, PaySafeCard and Instadebit, among many others.

You can also make deposits directly from Canadian banks, it’s just a matter of that you check within the platform which banks are available.

The minimum deposit to sign up for Pinnacle is $ 10 Canadian and with that you’re good to go. place your first bet.




Start Making Profits

The last step once you have created your account and have deposited funds into it, is to start place your bets and start generating profits. The advice we give you is that before you place your first bet you navigate very well on the Pinnacle website. It is a web platform with a very novel and attractive design, which is also very easy to navigate. So we know that it takes a few minutes for you to familiarize yourself with all the options Pinnacle has for you.


Great odds: the real bonus you can get from Canada


As we have already mentioned in this article, Pinnacle has interesting promotions for its bettors from Canada, what you do not know is that these bonuses and promotions are not based on playing fake money with which you must make a huge amount of bets (Rollover) so that in the end you can collect what would be a very minimal part of the money that you would have won if you had bet with real money since the beginning.

Pinnacle decided that it will not give any more bonuses or refunds to its bettors and decided increase the odds of all your plays by at least 5%.

So when you sign up from Canada you can enjoy odds that are much higher than those that can be met by other users from other parts of the world, and which are also much higher than other Sportsbooks offer for bettors in Canada.



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