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Open an account in Royal Panda Canada

Open an account in Royal Panda Canada is quite easy, all you need to do is to visit the Royall Panda website from Canada, then you click on the registering button and fill all the forms as they tell you and finally make your first deposit to play.




When we talk about casinos, one of the most prominent in the world is Royal Panda. This online casino gaming site is presented as one of the most experienced that we can find in the market.

Among the services it offers we can find more than 300 online casino games for you to enjoy. In addition, it offers excellent promotions such as welcome codes, coupons and bonuses.

In turn, Royal Panda, being a site that has been operating for a long time in the market, has the best opinions of specialists. In this way it presents itself as one of the top online casinos in the world of online casino games.

Once you make your first deposit at Royal Panda, you will have access to all the benefits that this website offers. In the following sections, we will show everything you need to know about this excellent casino. Keep reading!

Royal Panda is characterized by having a welcome bonus of $ 100 with the first deposit you make. So you can get the benefit of playing real money for almost free to use all your tricks to withdraw money.

As we mentioned before, this welcome bonus is used to play the different casino games that Royal Panda offers. Once you have made the first deposit with a minimum amount of $ 10, you can start enjoying all the benefits.

Once you have received the $ 100 welcome bonus, you can also enjoy the other benefits it provides. Among them you can receive a coupon, as well as a code to continue enjoying.

According to the opinions of the users, this bonus works correctly. With which, once you make your first deposit, you can immediately start enjoying all the content that this casino offers.


Other Promotions and Offers


Royal Panda Casino doesn’t just offer a $ 100 welcome bonus when you make your first deposit. This casino constantly offers coupons, promotional codes and bonuses so that you can use them regularly.

In addition, one reason why it generates the best opinions from all its users is because it offers new promotions all the time. They change over time so that users continue to use this casino.

Among the promotions that we find at Royal Panda, we can name the free spins. This offers a lot of bonuses and coupons for regular users so that they can keep playing online casino games.

It also offers weekly real money bonuses for users. You will be able to have access through your deposits to the different promotions offered by this online casino.

Finally, one of the promotions that has generated the best opinions is known as Lucky 21. This bonus works for Live Blackjack players to benefit from bonuses to play almost free. You can use different tricks to win real money in a short time.

As for deposits, they can be made very easily to access the welcome bonus. In addition, as you make different deposits you will have access to other benefits such as a coupon or a promotional code to continue playing.

Within the casino we can also find different payment methods to access the different benefits it offers. So you can feel that you are playing for free.

In the next sections, we will show that it is very easy to make your first deposit to be able to play for real. In addition, you will also be able to see all the payment methods that it offers.


How to Make Your First Deposit at Royal Panda Canada


Making your first deposit at Royal Panda is very easy. The opinions of different users who have done it, comment that it is one of the best websites to make deposits.

The first thing you must do to make your first deposit and access the welcome bonus is to create a user on the website. Registration is totally free. Once you have done it you can make your first deposit.

As we have mentioned above, the minimum deposit at Royal Panda is $ 10. With it we can start to enjoy the bonot welcome, as well as other benefits such as the discount coupon or the promotional code that the online casino offers weekly.

In short, to make this deposit, all you have to do is register on the Royal Panda official site and have the payment methods available. This way you can start playing for free, without tricks.


Payment Methods allowed in Royal Panda Canada


Royal Panda is a company that has been working in the world of online casinos for a long time. Due to its great experience, it has different free payment methods to be able to make deposits.

Among the different means of payment that are accepted by Royal Panda, we can find the most common. Among these, we can name the debit or credit cards to start playing and acquire the welcome bonus.

In turn, this online casino has other payment methods such as online wallets. Among them we can highlight Neteller, EcoPays or Skrill. Thanks to these, we can have access to coupons, promotions and discount codes to play for a long time and use different tricks to earn money.

In this way, we can see that Royal Panda Casino gives its users the possibility to use different payment methods. In this way, it allows many people to use this online casino without problems.


Conditions at the Time of Making Your Deposit


Royal Panda asks few conditions to make the first deposit to start playing. The important thing is to generate a user on the official website of the online casino and have a payment method accepted by the page.

You can make your first deposit very easily and thus obtain the welcome bonus of $ 100. Remember that the minimum to start playing is $ 10, you will not be able to deposit less.

On the other hand, Royal Panda has set limits for making a deposit. Although the limit changes with different payment methods, the maximum you can deposit is up to $ 100,000.

Once you have made your deposit, you can have access to the benefits offered by Royal Panda. Among them, you can enjoy coupons, codes and promotions to play the different casino games offered by the website.


Games available in Royal Panda Canada


  • European roulette
  • American roulette
  • Slot machine
  • Poker
  • Live Casino
  • Black Jack
  • Baccarat
  • Jackpots




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