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Best Sportsbook to bet on golf

golf betting

It may not be the most popular sport in the world. Golf is not precisely the sport that involves more action since it requires huge focusing, strategic skill and precision instead. Of course, it has lots of lovers and when it comes to betting it is a great option for users to bet on this sport knowing the skills of each golfer. It is for all those lovers that we’ve searched for and found the best sportsbook to bet on golf and we tell you the reasons of this choice.

Which is the best site for betting on golf and why?

Golf is quite famous around the world, Tiger Woods has become a world sport brand in the face of the growing publicity that revolves around its image and he is actually the most money maker athlete in golf.

Most Sportsbook include this sport among their offers. There are important tournaments such as the US Open in which a large number of users around the world make their predictions. Sportsbook usually focus on sports such as football, basketball, baseball, soccer or tennis, but there are also others that give golf the deserved attention.

Of course, users who enjoy placing their bets on golf prefer not to limit themselves to doing so only in the most important tournaments of the year. There are punters who are dedicated exclusively to betting on each of the golf events around the world analyzing in detail the best players in the world.

It is true that there are many Sportsbook, the regulated market is full of them and the catalog is really wide. However, everbody looks what best fit their needs and if what you are looking for is to bet on golf, the best Sportsbook to do so is 888 Sport.

This Sportsbook has the best golf competitions worldwide so you don’t miss testing your knowledge about this sport by adding excitement to every shot.

888 Sport, the best Sportsbook

888 Sport is just one of the three sites that make up the offer of the 888 Holdings plc group. This company has been operating for more than two decades, if you enter 888 main website  you can see a kind of startup that shows three options: Sport, Casino and Poker. Each one of these options leads to a different site according to the category of game you have chosen.

The company launched the 888 Sport website in 2008 aiming to entering the sports betting market. Little more than a decade has served the triple eight to consolidate as one of the most popular betting operators worldwide.

On the web you can find more than 25 different sports to bet and of course, golf is one of them. Actually, this sport that fascinates both American and European users is one of the most important for sportsbooks when it comes to including markets and allocating quotas.

Why is 888 Sport the best option to bet on golf?

If you are a Golf lover and you also love betting, you will know that limiting yourself to the four major tournaments of the year is not enough. Therefore, you need a Sportsbook that includes in its offer as many tournaments as possible from around the world. 888 Sport perfectly meets this criteria.

There is a very good offer regarding golf events in 888 Sport. They all have a wide open range of markets throughout the year, avoiding having to wait only for the ‘majors’. Of course, the more important the event is the more bets to make you find.

This Sportsbook usually offers incentives to encourage users to bet on its site. Often launching new promos regarding the different events that are presented according to the season. It is possible that while important tournaments such as the British Golf Open or the US Open can be found, you can also find interesting promos regarding these competitions.

The 888 Sport web interface is quite nice, its dark colors give it an incredible appeal and it is quite dynamic. The design is very similar to the universal one, so betting on 888 is extremely simple. If this is not enough, you have at your service a search engine that will allow you to find specific competitions or, if you are looking for a golfer directly, you can type his name and start the search. For instance, enter the name of Tiger Woods or Sergio García and you will find the events in which they will soon be playing.

You can place bets pre match or you can also do so in real time. You can also take the cash out function to ensure winnings or minimize losses. Place single or combined bets and multiply your money in 888 Sport.

Is it safe to bet on 888 Sport?

The 888 Holdings plc group began its trajectory a long time ago, in 1997. Since 2005 it is listed on the London Stock Exchange, and in 2008 they launched the sports betting web site.

The 888 group is a reference in the industry of casino games and betting, its trajectory speaks by itself making users feeling safe to bet on this site.

How to register in 888 Sport?

Registering on the 888 Sport website is a very simple procedure. Just follow the steps described below and join the best sportsbook to bet on golf:

– Enter the 888 Sport website from here.

– Click on “Registration” in the upper right of the screen.

– Provide your personal information. It is important that all your data match those of your ID. Click on «Next step».

– Choose the data to access 888 Sport and then click on “Next step”.

– Enter your address information.

– Click on “Create Account” and start enjoying 888 Sport, betting on the best golf events.


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