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Best Sportsbook to bet on MLB

best sportsbook mlb

Baseball is one of the most popular sports in North America and the Caribbean. This is different in other regions where the scope of this discipline is not that huge. However, Major League Baseball (MLB) is one of the most important competitions around the world. It is the second at the level of spectators, only below the NFL. Therefore, it is also one of the preferred events by punters from all over the world. But, what is the best sportsbook to bet on MLB? Let’s find out.

What is the best site for betting on MLB

The MLB is the main baseball competition in the world. Actually, we know it as «The Majors» and the best players in the world participate every year. It could not be otherwise. United States is a country whose stamp is the organization of this type of sports tournaments and the MLB is no exception.

This competition is also one of the most popular in the world, even for users from European countries where soccer predominates as the most popular sport. The most common MLB bets are usually a winner or the so-called run line, a fixed handicap that is usually located in 1.5 runs, unlike other sports where it is variable.

Most Sportsbook around the world allow betting on baseball and the main competition offered in this sport is the MLB. Markets change according to the Sportsbook you choose; some include more or less according to their odds providers.

In Mexico and the United States there are a large number of punters who enjoy forecasting on the MLB daily. If you are a resident of any of these countries and want to know what the best options are, we recommend you to take a look at what our subject matter experts have compiled for you if you want to bet online on MLB.

Where to bet on MLB in Mexico?

Mexico is a country known for being a baseball lover. They have quite developed professional leagues and participate in the Caribbean Series and the World Baseball Classic, among other competitions. In addition, the Mexican audience is passionate about MLB in which many even have sympathy for teams like the Los Angeles Dodgers or Texas Rangers.

The best sportsbook to bet on MLB from Mexico are Bet365 and Codere. These two Sportsbook have enormous international prestige that have landed in this country with a great offer in sports betting. Next we tell you a little bit about them.


The Bet365 Sportsbook is one of the most recognized international brands in the sports betting industry. The history of Bet365 goes back many years but its beginnings in online betting were at the end of the last century. Nowadays, they have achieved a success that few operators in the world have.

Bet365 is still a family business after many years. It is a reference when all comes down to betting because its offer is perhaps the widest you can get on any website.

In Mexico they have a web version with .mx domain, in compliance with the regulations of the Ministry of Government (SEGOB), which has granted it a license to operate in Mexican territory.

In this Sportsbook you have an extensive catalog of available sports and many markets in each of them. If you want to bet on the MLB from Mexico, Bet365 is one of the best Sportsbook to do so. It not only offers you the basic markets but also provides you a large number of possible bets in each game.



One of the most recognized online betting operators internationally is Codere. Its career in the gaming industry dates back almost 40 years and it is a reference in Spain, Italy and Latin America.

Codere has an exclusive web version for Mexican gamblers and is licensed by SEGOB to operate legally throughout the country. Codere has become a well-known name in the sector because the Codere Group owns the largest racecourse, as well as the most important casino in the country.

There is a wide variety of sports to bet on Codere although baseball is one of the most prominent. You can probably find a lot of promos throughout the MLB season since this Sportsbook is popular by having interesting offers for users.

How many Strikeouts did Marco Estrada get on his next outing? Will Mike Trout hit more than one home run in his next game? In Codere you will have the possibility of betting different markets in MLB games, from the most basic to some like these, more complicated to predict but more appealing.


Where to bet on MLB in the United States?

Sports betting is not legal throughout the United States, but it is in some places. Actually, it was only recently that the prohibition of this activity was reversed after the Supreme Court ruling that annulled a federal law with these effects.

You can bet from the United States if you are in one of the states whose legislation has approved this activity. From there, you will have to do so in one of the operators that have obtained a license.

The best Sportsbooks to bet on MLB in the United States are Bet365 and William Hill, two British operators with a long history in the world of gambling.


Bet365’s dominance has spread throughout much of the world, few of the competitors can keep up with this British Sportsbook. In the United States they have been one of the operators who have jumped on the scene after the Supreme Court ruling in 2018 and has done so in the state of New Jersey. They are operating under the license of Hard Rock Atlantic City, so it is approved by the NJ DGE, the entity responsible for regulating this activity in the entity.

The Bet365 offer is perhaps the widest you can find. You can bet on the MLB through your computer, tablet or smartphone very easily and in a few minutes.


William Hill

Talking about sports betting and not mentioning William Hill is almost impossible. This is one of the most prominent operators in the world and, with more than 80 years of experience, this Sportsbook stands out as a very serious option when betting.

Not every Sportsbook can boast such an experience and William Hill has accumulated over time an unmatched prestige. The sports betting offer is excellent in this operator both on the desktop or the mobile version. You can bet on a number of events, including the best MLB matches to different markets that you won’t find on many websites.

William Hill has been operating sports betting in Nevada for several years and after the ruling it has also jumped to other states like New Jersey to spread his betting empire around the world. With their vast experience, they have already established themselves as one of the best sportsbook to bet on MLB and many other sports events.


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