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Best Sportsbook to bet on the NFL

betting on nfl

Football is a very popular sports in North America. It has become one of the main entertainment attractions in the United States, It is a sport that requires a lot of skill, strength, speed and talent. This popularity makes football one of the favourite sports for betting, especially on the National Football League. Find out what the best sportsbook to bet on NFL is.

What’s the best Sportsbook to bet on NFL?

There are not many football leagues in the world, the most popular are in the United States: the NFL and the NCAA. The latter is a competition between colleges in USA and from there arise the main talents that feed the National Football League (NFL).

The NFL is the most important football league that exists. Not only that, it is also one of the most outstanding sports tournaments in the world with a huge audience every year over other great competitions like the MLB or the NBA. To this we must add that the Super Bowl is the most watched sporting event in the world.

The regular competition season is played during the second half of the calendar year and the playoffs are held between January and February of the following year, ending with the Super Bowl. Usually, NFL matches are held on Sunday, but a match is also included on each day on Thursday and one on Monday for television broadcasting issues.

Bets in the NFL are quite popular, every week you can bet on the victory of your favorite team although it is more often to do so with the spread, the line that is a handicap against or in favor of a certain team in a match. You can also bet on the Over/Under of each game and there are several more markets, although this depends strictly on the Sportbook you use to bet.

If you are based in Mexico or the United States and wonder what are the best options among online betting websites, our experts have compiled for you the two best Sportsbooks to bet on NFL that you can get in each country.

Where to bet on the NFL in the United States?

In the first place, it should be noted that sports betting is currently not legal throughout the whole United States’ territory. For now you can bet only if you are a resident of a state whose legislation has legalized this activity, like NJ, Nevada, Delaware, Pennsilvania and many more.

Until 2018 sports betting in the United States was only legal in Nevada. But after the Supreme Court annulled in that year the federal law that prohibited this activity, many states have been legalizing them. One of them is New Jersey, which was the main promoter for mentioned law to be invalidated.

There are not many operators that have obtained a license in the United States so far but huge growth is planned regarding to that. However, the best sportsbooks to bet on the NFL in the United States are Bet365 and William Hill.


The tentacles of Bet365 have spread throughout much of the world and his prestige is still huge. Now the most popular Sportsbook worldwide is also available for New Jersey resident users, attending to the high demand existing in a market that is just taking off.

The offer of Bet365 in New Jersey is quite complete. You can bet on all the NFL games to the option you prefer making single or combined bets, pre-match or even while a game is actually happening in real time.


bet365 nj

William Hill

William Hill is a British Sportsbook that has become one of the industry references. They have been operating for 85 years and owe their name to their founder. William Hill was a prestigious bookmaker who worked in the United Kingdom and that decided to undertake what today is one of the greatest successes of the online gaming sector worldwide.

This Sportsbook has been operating in Nevada for several years and has recently gained territory in this state. Long before the Supreme Court ruling was known, William Hill had agreed with Monmouth to offer sports betting on American territory once this happened. His vision and perseverance have paid off, now they operate in several states where sports betting is legalized, including New Jersey.

One of the sports that William Hill includes in his catalog is football. Of course, with their experience, they have to be one of the best sportsbook to bet on NFL. You can get a great variety of basic markets and special features that you can use to bet on almost anything you can imagine. You can do so in one or more of the matches of the day.


Where to bet on the NFL in Mexico?

If you live in Mexico, sure you love football and of course the NFL. You probably don’t miss a game of the Cowboys or Texans and you want to place your bets on Sunday, as well, although there are many options in the market you should evaluate the one that suits you.

Currently in Mexico there are a couple of options that can be very useful for betting on th NFL. They are Bet365 and Codere, two international Sportsbooks with a well-carved reputation in the online gaming world.

Bet365 Mexico

This Sportsbook is recognized worldwide and actually it is one of the best options you can find. Bet365 is a company known by being a family business, which is actually not very common in the betting industry. They have 20 years of operations in prominent markets such as the United Kingdom or Spain, although they also live in Latin America and in the state of New Jersey.

In Mexico, Bet365 has the approval of the Ministry of Government (SEGOB) to operate legally with a web domain .mx and an offer tailored to the needs of the local public. Bet365 Mexico has one of the most complete offers with a wide variety of sports and many leagues in each of them.

You can bet on the NFL from Mexico at Bet365 with much better odds than the competitors. Also, you will have an assorted catalog of markets to choose from and make the bet you want in any moment from the website or mobile app of this Sportsbook.



One of the most prominent names in Mexico when talking about betting and casino is that of the Codere Group. This company has been operating in national territory with casino halls for many years, game terminals and even own the largest race course in the country.

Codere was born in Spain almost forty years ago but its expansion to other countries has been successful. This company has a website for sports betting and in Mexico they launched their own version under the .mx domain as established by national regulation. Codere’s Sportsbook is authorized by SEGOB to legally operate in Mexico.

The Codere website is extremely appealing and its offer in sports is quite varied. This Sportsbook is one of the best options to bet on the NFL since it includes week after week all matches. In each one you can decide on markets that range from the most basic to some that can get a little more attention.


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