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Best Sportsbooks in New Jersey to bet online

sports betting new jersey

Sports betting has arrived to New Jersey. The fight to legalize this product in the United States has been commanded by this region having the strong purpose to develop this activity. Now it is legal and safe to place your bets from there. Find out what the best Sportsbooks in New Jersey are.

Review: Best Sportsbooks in New Jersey

Throwing back in time it would be necessary to remember a little about that some time ago the Law on Protection of Professional and Amateur Sports (PASPA) was in force, which prohibited sports betting in the U.S. territory. It was only in 2018 that the Supreme Court decided to leave it without effect to start a new stage on the gaming industry in the country.

More than 25 years went before sports betting in the United States started to be legal and this initiative has been successful, in large part, because of New Jersey, the main interested state on this. Just a month after federal law was repealed; governor Phil Murphy was already stamping his signature on a law to allow sports betting in the state.

The Division of Gaming Enforcement’s(DGE) the responsible entity for game regulations in New Jersey which grants licenses for operators who want to enter the market. There are currently a large number of them but our experts have done this work for you, putting at your disposal the two best Sportsbooks that operate in New Jersey.

How to choose the ideal Sportsbook?

Despite being a fairly young market, there are many options in New Jersey and choosing the best of all is not easy. It use to depends a lot on the needs of the client; it is a matter of taste, but there are also several things that must be kept in mind when making the selection of your ideal Sportsbook.


How many sports make up the list? Variety is important, the idea is to multiply your chances of winning and that happens when you have more options to bet. Some users prefer the main sports while others diversify their knowledge along with them their bets, so a wider list would be ideal for them.

Leagues and markets available

It is ideal to have different leagues available in each of the sports when betting. Many Sportsbooks usually are limited to an offer that only contains the best known competitions while in others you can find dozens of tournaments from around the world that can provide better chances.

The types of bets also vary from one betting site to another, although it also depends on the sport in which you want to bet, whether it is a prominent tournament or if it is a relevant event. Obviously, in sports like basketball you can get more options while in other less known might be very few available markets.


Before choosing a Sportsbook, it is essential to know if your odds are good, otherwise the winnings will be lower when you place a bet. There are Sportsbooks that offer quotas according to the average. Others seek to set the best in the market in order be appealing for more users.


The marketing policies of each company will determine the number of promotions they offer. Ideally, a Sportsbook that has appealing offers might help you get free money to bet without risking your own founds.

Welcome bonuses represent an ideal opportunity to try new bets and for websites they are a way to call new users, it is a win-win relationship. The best will always be to get attractive bonuses. The more free money the better, but you should also consider other factors such as rollover, the expiration period and the different conditions that apply.

Live betting

The live betting system can become a great ally to generate money through your knowledge. If you prefer to bet during the development of a match it is ideal that you have a good live betting service, with many available events and different options to choose the one you like best.

Web design

The appearance is no less important. It is really necessary to be able to easily browse and without an annoying design loaded with a lot of content or with inadequate colors. Web design has to be intuitive and, if possible, appealing.

Customer service

Because users deserve quality attention, when a problem arises, a support team will be open to talk with you and solve your problem. Ideally, the Sportsbook has online chat. It can also be a great option to contact by email if the answers arrive in a reasonable time.

It is important that the support team be friendly but also prepared, must have the necessary information to answer the questions that are presented by the user and must be efficient when providing solutions.

The two best Sportsbooks in New Jersey

Now, we talk about the best online betting sites in New Jersey. There are many of them and more and more operators will seek to sign up in this world, but we have been left with a couple of options that represent the best offers in the market.


It is impossible to talk about betting without mentioning Bet365, the most prestigious brand today. This Sportsbook operates in different countries around the world successfully. It has now arrived in New Jersey in search of becoming the market leader and how could it be otherwise, It has settled itself as one of the best options when betting online.

In New Jersey, Sportsbooks need to associate with casino establishments in order to have licenses to guarantee their operations. In the case of Bet365 it is a registered and authorized website by the NJ DGE that has partnered with Hard Rock Atlantic City to make use of license above.

Bet365 has the most varied offer that you can find in the market, countless events from around the world are available, so you’ll never miss a match to bet. The NBA, NFL, MLB and the best competitions in the world are waiting for you. They also usually offer excellent overall odds that can be much better in the most demanded sports.

Something wonderful about Bet365 is that it provides you the chance to access live images of the most prominent matches, although a large number of events may not be available due to the rigidity of existing transmission rights.


888 Sport

Another brilliant Sportsbook that arrives from Europe to the American territory is 888, born in the United Kingdom more than 20 years ago. 888 have accumulated much success and an excellent reputation throughout its history, which makes it a very appealing option in the New Jersey market.

Like other European Sportsbooks, it has decided to enter a market that is booming and can become one of the largest in the world. In a short time it has managed to get many users and place itself as one of the best Sportsbooks in New Jersey.

It is a web site with appealing design and a pretty good offer that is ideal for the vast majority of punters. In 888 Sport you will be able to bet on the main local sports competitions as well as in sports tournaments around the world with quotas above those offered by the competition.

The website is incredibly simple to browse, you even have a search engine available to filter by team and get in a few seconds the match you are looking for. You can also place your favorite event among a list of 25 sports disciplines.



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