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Best Welcome Bonuses for free bets from New Jersey

welcome Bonuses New Jersey

Welcome bonuses allow Sportsbooks to generate an attraction for those bettors who have not yet have registered in a specific Sportsbook. And even also allows at the same time attract those bettors who are already registered in other Sportsbook because the welcome bonuses represent a very attractive offer that can make you change your mind and move to another Sportsbook. If you are in New Jersey and want to know which are the best Sportsbook that offers the best welcome bonuses, you have reached the right place because in this article we will tell you which are the three best Sportsbook that offers the best welcome bonuses for New Jersey players.





Welcome Bonus for New Jersey Punters


As we already know, the approval and legalization of online betting is quite recent in New Jersey. It is estimated that there are more and more cities; and states in the US in which it is legal to place bets online, however, until now; one of the few cities where it is completely legal is New Jersey. For this reason, in this article we will be counting the 3 Sportsbook offering the best welcome bonuses for New Jersey punters.



Bet365 Sportsbook


Talking about Bet365 is perhaps the same that talking about the most popular sportsbook today. Bet365 has more than two decades in the online betting market, when they started in 2000. It is a brand mainly established in the United Kingdom and which has achieved a wide scope world so big that today has more than 35 million users around the world.

Bet365 doesn’t really need to offer any welcome bonuses to be a very attractive to the world’s gamblers because it has an excellent reputation, yet then, we will tell you how this brand apart from its solid reputation also offers a variety of bonuses and promotions to its users.


Bet365 sign up free bets bonuses


Bet365 offers different types of bonuses, the sign up bonus is a very interesting opportunity in which Bet365 gives you 100% of what you have deposited once you have created your account, that100% can reach up to $100, that is, if once you create your account and your first deposit is $20, then not only will you have those $20, but you will also have an additional $20 through a bonus.

It is important to clarify that the maximum amount for that sign up is $100.


Up to $100 for new users

The minimum deposit that Bet365 allows you once you create your account is $5, remember that the Sign Up bonus is about giving you 100% of the deposit once you create your account, although it is true that the minimum is $5, if you want you want your bonus to be $100, what you should do is deposit $100 as your first deposit when creating the account.

There are certain terms and conditions that may vary over time, for greater information We invite you to stay updated with the information offered by Bet365 on its own page.


How to sign up and claim free bet bonus at Bet365 from New Jersey

Signing up and creating a Bet365 account is really simple, you just have to enter the Bet365 site and at the home page you will find a form to register and create your account, just click in the option and complete the data, which are personal and related to your account.

That form that you must fill out will include your name, your address, email, telephone number, among others. This procedure concludes with the process of verifying your data, which is complete with email verification, and once you’ve completed the process, the last thing you have to do is make your first deposit so you can receive a bonus of100% of the amount you have deposited, and that bonus can reach the maximum amount of $100.


Draftkings Sportsbook


The second Sportsbook that we want to talk to you about in this article, in which we discuss the 3 Best options to get welcome bonuses from New Jersey, is DraftKings.

DraftKings is a very interesting option if you are most interested in fantasy sports. DraftKings of course also offers you sports betting among its options when it comes to gamble, but it must be said, the highest reputation, the greatest fame and why the world entire is interested in DraftKings Sportsbook, is precisely its options in fantasy sports because it offers a very wide and interesting market that no other Sportsbook offers.

Now if you have reached this article, you are most likely to know very well that DraftKings is specialized in fantasy sports and therefore we will mainly focus on talking about their welcome bonuses and promotions offered to its new New Jersey users.


$25 for free bets with no deposit

One of the most interesting things about the DraftKings sportsbook, besides specializing in fantasy sports, is that it offers a welcome bonus in which they grant you $ 25 risk free to that you can bet without having made any deposit. Yes, as you just read it, you read it very well; $ 25 without having made a deposit to place the bet you want once that you have created your account from New Jersey.


Up to $500 extra free bet

But the $25 promotion doesn’t end there, once you’ve signed up and created your account, In addition to receiving these $25 totally free for you to place the bet you want, you will have the option to extend the bonus even up to $500 if you wish, all you have to do is, making a deposit and you will get 20% of what you have deposited up to a maximum of $500, it is say, if you send $2500 as your first deposit, DraftKings give you the amount of $500 completely free so you can make the bets you want.


How to sign up and claim bonuses at Draftkings from New Jersey

Creating an account on DraftKings sportsbook is quite simple especially if you are in New Jersey, once you enter the DraftKings Sportsbook platform from New Jersey or even if you do it from the app, you will find the option to create an account where all you have to do is provide fairly basic information like your name, phone, address, email and social security number.

After you have completed all the data what you must create is an username and a password, in addition to creating or having answers in cases where you have Forgot your password or something similar, it is important to clarify that you need to be 21 years old or even more, in addition to agreeing to the terms and conditions, and of course although Creating the account is easy and simple, we must remember that you will not be able to place bets from your account if you are not in New Jersey.


Golden Nugget Sportsbook


Golden Nugget sportsbook is the third Sportsbook we want to talk to you about to finish this article. Golden Nugget is a brand that has become increasingly popular within the New Jersey players, precisely because of the promotions, offers and bonuses that it gives its users. This company may sometimes seem more popular for its casino than for its Sportsbook; but as we know that most likely what interest you is sports betting, we will be talking about its Sportsbook and its welcome bonus.

Bet365 New Jersey


Golden Nugget $100 free bet welcome bonus

Golden Nugget New Jersey sportsbook has an interesting welcome bonus that basically It is a free bet that you will have, and in which you won´t need to rollover or anything really complicated or annoying, all you have to do is make a bet of $100. Once you have created your account, and once you have place your first bet, in case you lose it, Golden Nugget will fully refund the amount you have deposited, that is, if you have deposited an amount of $100 and you lost, Golden Nugget replenishes precisely that amount.

It is important to clarify that parley bets are not taken into account for this promotion, that is, it is only valid for single bets.


How to sign up and claim welcome bonus at Golden Nugget from New Jersey

Signing up and creating an account on Golden Nugget Sportsbook is very easy, what you should do is to enter the Golden Nugget Sportsbook website and click the red button that says Sign Up located at the top of the screen.

Then you must enter related details with your account, as mainly a valid email, after entering your email information you must create a password and enter personal details and also information of contact, finally when you have already completed all the personal and contact information that is requested by this Sportsbook, you only must accept terms and conditions and click register details.

It is important to clarify that it is very likely that you will be asked for extra documentation to verify your data before activating your account, this happens with the best intention of offering security to all users.




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