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Betting On The Euro 2020 Winner

Euro 2020 betting

Although the qualification stage for Euro 2020 has not yet finished, the Sportsbooks have opened the way for punters to choose their candidate to win the competition. With few days left to complete the qualifiers to determine the teams that will attend the final phase of this event, you can already glimpse your favorite teams to win the tournament in this next edition. We take a look a the countries that are best placed when betting on the UEFA Euro 2020 winner.


Favourites at the Euro 2020 Winner Bets

The 2020 Euro Cup has a different hue from the previous editions. In this one there will be twelve different venues to play the different matches, which had not happened before.

Wembley will have the privilege of hosting the grand finale and the two semifinal matches of this event. This historic sports complex is located in London with a capacity for 90,000 spectators. It was built in 2007 in the same place where the mythical stadium of the same name was located in the city of London.

In the year 2020 the XVI edition of the Euro Cup will be played. The top winners of this tournament are Spain and Germany with three titles each although «La Roja» won two editions recently. France has a couple of Euro Cups in their medal list, completing the list of teams that have won the tournament on more than one occasion.

This tournament was played for the first time in 1960 in French territory. The name of the European Cup of Nations was lowered, the team of the former Soviet Union becoming champion. Four years later, Spain would manage to win the trophy in its homeland. For the next edition the name of the tournament would change to European Nations Championship and it is in 1992 that it takes the name of Euro Cup.

Betting on the Euro 2020

You can’t stop making your bets in this great sporting event to add excitement to each game. But even better, you can do so already by betting on your favorite team to win the competition. Actually, you can even bet on Qatar’s World Cup which will be played in 2022.

The last Soccer team to win this tournament was Portugal, which managed to prevail against a local France in overtime and without Cristiano Ronaldo in the field. On that occasion the Lusitanian team gradually made its way to the final despite having been third in the group stage.

The Sportsbooks have the odds available yet for you to bet on who will be the winner of the Euro 2020. Bet365, one of the most popular Sportsbooks in the world, has very clear who are the favorites for the 2020 Euro Cup, and in the case of the current champion it assigns a share of 17.00, quite high although among the eight best.

Main favorites to win the Euro

France is the team that the cameras follow. Everyone expects a lot from this selection that comes from devoting themselves to the 2018 World Cup champion. They have an amazing team full of many figures and prominent players. Bet365 places a share of 4.50 being the favorite to win the next edition of the 2020 Euro Cup despite losing the final against Portugal in 2016.

The brilliant performance of the England team at the last World Cup event, with a broad base of young players to lay hold of and a stationary ball work stamp has earned it so that France’s favoritism is quite closed. Bet365 is paying 5.50 for every unit you bet on the English team.

In addition, the handicap of the English team is that in the semifinals and final they will be played at Wembley.

Spain, Belgium, Germany

After a lackluster performance in the last World Cup, La Roja wants to claim and face demonstrating its enormous historical weight and that has a very good generation of players that can help them to win the title.

With Luis Enrique back at the office, the Spanish team continues to position itself quite well among the Sportsbooks’ candidates to win the 2020 Euro by paying 8.0 for each unit wagered.

Next to the quota of Spain is the selection of Belgium. They have a team full of skilled players which has the firm goal of taking over the next edition of the European tournament although they have never managed to get up with it. The ‘red devils’ obtained a prominent third place in Russia 2018 playing very well. Now, it is part of the candidates to win the Euro Cup from the hand of the Spanish strategist Roberto Martinez.

Although they come from a resounding failure in the World Cup, Germany is always among the most important names to win any tournament. The Teutons are going through a renewal process and despite not having an outstanding performance in the UEFA Nations League, they are among the Bet365 favorites to win the Euro 2020 with a 8.00 fee.

Others to watch

Maybe they are not living the best moment in their history but Italy always has to be kept in mind in this type of tournaments. Now it has a base of young players and Roberto Mancini will seek to revive the glories of the past. Like Portugal, the azzurra squad pays 17.00 for every unit you bet. Can the Italians win the tournament again after more than half a century of having won their only title?

In 1988 Holland won its only continental title and now wants to live again that moment after having recently emerged runner-up of the UEFA Nations League. It may seems incredible but the ‘orange clockwork’ has a share of greater favoritism than the selection of Portugal that comes from winning the competition.

Possible surprises at the 2020 Euro

There are teams that can surprise you in this edition of the Euro cup and have quite profitable odds to win it but… How about Croatia doing Russia 2018 but on this occasion they managed to be crowned champion in the continental tournament? The share of the Balkan team at Bet365 is 26.00 for each unit you decide to invest on it.

In 2004 Greece won the Euro Cup against Portugal astonishing the whole world but now it has a fairly high share of 201.00 per unit wagered. In the end it is about Soccer, a sport in which many things can happen. Maybe Denmark (67.00), Switzerland (81.00) or Sweden (101.00) can get into the roles. How about Gareth Bale and Aaron Ramsey driving Wales to a continental title? If you hit Wales as Euro champion you could win a fantastic prize of € 1510 for a simple € 10 bet.

Sign up now at Bet365 and get an extraordinary welcome bonus when betting on the Euro 2020 winner.


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