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How to bet at Bet365 live? All about live betting in Bet365

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Live betting has turned into one of the most successful products in the gaming industry. It was already an extraordinary option to be able to bet on the internet to your favorite teams without having to go to a traditional betting place (face-to-face) and now the live system has ended up being something much more revolutionary. Learn how to bet live at Bet365, one of the most prominent Sportsbooks in the world.


Live Betting at Bet365

Bet live in Bet365 is an incomparable gaming experience. While the game is happening in real time, you can see how the odds trends to change or how they are adding and showing new markets after keeping up-to-date.

Many users around the world love live betting because there are a number of advantages. The first one is that there is much more information than the one before the game. Also, we must add that there is already a clear idea of how the game is actually happening and the trend that it can have.

Among the most outstanding Sportsbooks of today we find Bet365. It offers a high quality service in terms of sports betting and especially its live system that is known for offering infinity of events from different parts of the world to bet.

Bet365 makes the difference by adding quantity but also a great touch of quality. You can find games of the most remote soccer or basketball leagues on the planet, eSports games, tennis and much more.

Before reviewing the offer of this wonderful Sportsbook, it would be useful to know some Pros and Contras of placing live bets.

Pros of live betting

Live bets have a number of advantages, if you know how to take advantage of them can be very useful to become a profitable bettor that generates real earnings with. Here some of them:

Higher fees

Among the highlights of live betting you can get much better odds than in pre-match bets because these are conditioned to the actions of the match. According to the result of the match and its development you can get much higher values that you can take advantage of to take higher profits with your bet.

Variety of markets

As the game progresses and the result changes you can find alternative markets to those that you can conventionally find in pre-match bets. For example, if you wanted to bet on Under 2.5 on a soccer match and within the first 10 minutes of play the first goal cames, you can have lines of 3.5 or higher to place your bet.

More information

Many times, when making pre-match bets, there is no precise knowledge in certain game subjects such as players who initially play a match. Sometimes the line-up is not published in advance or last minute changes may arise few minutes before game starting, which may be terrible for your forecasts. By placing live bets you will have the chance to have previously consulted the lineups, the physical condition of the players and other important details that will help you know which is the best choice for the case.

You can secure your bet

If you have already made a pre-match bet, for example, in tennis, and the player for whom you have bet starts by winning you have the opportunity to cover your bet by betting on the contrary in a proportional way so that whichever the winner is you get profits in the end no matter what.

Contras of live betting

Although they are great, not everything is as perfect as it seems to be in live betting. There are some details that you should keep in mind as they can be counterproductive when placing your bets. We tell you some of the disadvantages when betting live:


Sometimes you can find matches that border on the uncertain. The favorite can be seen against the ropes at some point of the game and the trend seems to be against him but remember that in sports there can be good and bad moments within the same game, so don’t always make choices at first. These types of matches can be complicated to predict and this represents a disadvantage.

Time factor

Since the variation of the quotas occurs in a matter of seconds, it can be very complicated to take a good option if you are not attentive or if a very long reflection process is done. In addition, the result of the game can change from one moment to another so the time to bet is much shorter and can play against.

Less ability to analyze

Normally before placing a bet in the pre-match mode it is analyzed very well. In live betting, it is quite the opposite since there is no much time to choose and this significantly reduces the quality of the fundamental or statistical analysis you perform.

Bet365, the best Sportsbook in the world

There are not many Sportsbooks that have the prestige that Bet365 has achieved after two decades of operations in the sports betting industry. This brand has established itself as one of the most recognized worldwide and that’s due to its offer which is quite wide and incredibly good.

Bet365 is one of the Sportsbooks that offer more events. This variety is also in its live betting system where you can make your forecasts after a sporting event has started.

The Bet365 live betting catalog includes events from different tournaments around the world and each of them has a large number of markets in which to bet. Emotion is the only thing that cannot be missing in this great Sportsbook that also offers excellent odds so that your benefits are higher in case your bet is successful.

How to place a live bet on Bet365?

Live betting on Bet365 is very easy. The first thing you will have to do is to register and deposit money in your account. Then it will be very simple to follow these instructions:

– Sign in to your account.

– Choose the «Direct» option at the top of the screen.

– Browse among the more than 15 sports disciplines that Bet365 offers you to bet live.

– Locate the event of your choice and click on it to see all available markets.

– Select the market you want to bet on.

– Check your selection on the betting coupon.

– Enter the amount you wish to bet and select «Accept changes».

Bet365 Live Streaming

One of the great advantages of bet live in Bet365 is that it has an excellent live streaming service. It will allow you to access live images of a large number of sporting events around the world.

The game relay service of this Sportsbook is completely free. You just need to complete the registration process and have a positive balance in your game account.

Is it safe to bet on Bet365?

Yes, Bet365 is a well-known Sportsbook that legally operates in the territories where gambling is allowed. This brand is owned by the Bet365 Group Limited business group based in the United Kingdom and has been operating in the online gaming world for two decades.

Find out about all the advantages you can when you bet live at Bet365 and enjoy this experienced brand.


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