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How to bet on Esports?

betting on eSports

The growth of electronic sports, also named Esports, has been remarkable in the last few years. They have become a trend all around the world, and that due to that video games have always been a very appealing product. Video games’ tournaments and leagues keep growing, which gives us the chance of betting on esports competitions.

Betting on esports

Esports have emerged as a new sports discipline that has won millions of users across the globe. Now we can find professional players in the most popular multiplayer video games worldwide.

In the middle of the debate on whether esports can be considered as a sport or not, they have been growing a lot and bringing on new leagues, teams and professionals players.

Many people may think that electronic sports are something really new but it is not true, actually. Although they have gained enormous popularity recently, the history of this discipline has been brewing for many years.

South Korea was the first country to consider “athletes” to the competing users of this discipline. It emerged in the 90’s and later the first official clubs, sponsorship contracts would begin to emerge and television broadcasts as well.

Now gamers not only enjoy the thrill of playing these video games but also many of them compete as athletes, undergo physical training, resulting in a generation and development of individual and collective strategies.

Esports are now part of the sportsbook

Esports have become a trend and are already the third most prominent discipline in countries such as the United States of America, behind world-renowned competitions such as Major League Baseball (MLB) and National Football League (NFL). They are currently at the NBA level in spectators, something that few could have imagined a few years ago.

Betting has had a lot to do with the growth of esports. There are actually many bookmakers that operate in many different countries currently. That helps the growing of the online gambling market with the most fascinating events of the discipline.

Electronic sports have reached the sports betting industry and have become in a trend. More and more bookmakers have decided to include this category in their range of options.

If you are an esports lover, you will surely like to know that in addition to enjoying them you can bet money on certain events. Bookmakers offer different markets for this discipline, some more than others.

The most relevant esports in which you can bet are League of Legends (LoL), Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) and Call of Duty (CoD). Although there are also other very popular ones that are gradually developing and that they will soon jump onto the scene with greater force.

The most popular esports in the world of betting is League of Legends and there are many bookmakers that offer markets for this modality. There are many bookmakers but only some of them have a much larger offer.

Bet365 is a very popular online gaming website that includes esports in its sports betting offer. For many, this is the best option to start placing bets in this discipline that many users follow.

Esports betting at Bet365

Bet365 includes a good esports catalog in its offer. The most interesting games are the CS: GO and LoL. But there are also others that have gained popularity recently, such as Rainbow Six, Dota 2 or Starcraft.

In the Bet365 bookmaker you can find electronic sports easily. There is an exclusive section for them, although they also appear in the list of options to choose from. From there you must pick the game and then the competition.

In Counter Strike: Global Offensive you can bet on the winner of a game. Odds and prizes are the same as those used in conventional sports betting and Bet365 allows you to choose the format you like best.

For instance, if you place a $10 bet on the victory of Virtus Pro over BIG in the United Masters League, you will have a 3.55 fee available and therefore the payment of your bet will be the equivalent of $35.5.

League of Legends is also a very appealing category for betting. For instance, if you bet on G2’s victory over Funplus Phoenix in the grand final of the world championship, you get 1.65 for every dollar you decide to invest in.

Sometimes, if the events are as relevant as this final you will be able to access many more markets. Among the special markets you can find in League of Legends, there is the possibility of betting on the total destroyed towers or even if both teams will manage to kill a dragon.

Something really fantastic about Bet365 is that you can bet on electronic sports completely live. So if you are one of those who have predictive ability according to what you see, you can take advantage to place your bets in real time.

Bet365, the best way to bet

The Bet365 brand is quite young but has earned a lot of popularity in Europe and LatAm as well. It is known for having a friendly simple interface easy to understand, making it ideal for users who are not very familiar in the world of sports betting.

There are a lot of sports to bet on this website. Bet365 has taken a step forward by including them in their portfolio as users enjoy betting on this new discipline.

In the Bet365 bookmaker you will find the best odds in the market and regarding esports you can enjoy a greater variety of games, competitions and events than in any other site.

We also need to point out that you can also place bets live in the most important games, which you can’t get by any other bookmaker. In events of great relevance, Bet365 can offer dozens of markets, so you can bet on anything you can imagine.

Bet365 is definitely the best bookmaker to bet on eSports. Its offer in this area is much better than the rest of the competition in every single detail. It is also a bookmaker that offers great promotions, so you will have many more chances to win if you take advantage of any of them.


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