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How to make surebets (safe bets)?

how to make surebets

“Learning to win is difficult, any fool could be a good loser”. It is one of the most lapidary phrases you could read in your life and belongs to Charles Bukowski. In every stage in life, as in the betting and casino world this phrase has a very large weight, since we all want to always win but actually many do not know how to do it. There is a way of winning, though, that is if you know how to make surebets.


Learn how to make surebets or safe bets

In the first place, it is important that you know that it is always possible to win in sports betting. We know that you have pictured it many times but you have failed over and over. The truth is that those who bet conventionally are, mostly, doomed to lose money in the long run, unless they are good enough to get their forecasts right and this is not usually the case.

Every day many punters lose a lot of money because they bet on a market result and although the prognosis can be very good and has been analized in detail, there are a million things that could go wrong. Reality turns out to be something very different to what they expected.

Now, the key to success in sports betting is to find the «win-win» formula. Surebets are the most effective method for this, since it is a question of making sure bets that allow to get profits whatever the final result of an event.

What are surebets and how do they work?

Breaking down the English term ‘surebet’ we can see that this word is made up of two others: sure (safe) and bet (betting). Precisely, the term surebet means safe bet. This means that it is about settling a formula in the same result that allows us to get revenues yes or yes.

Making a surebet implies placing bets on all possible outcomes of the same event. You have to make a proportional distribution and strategic money so that whatever the result we have guaranteed at least a small percentage of earnings over the amount we have arranged.

Surebets are a very effective method to take most of sports betting in the long term. But to make a surebet you need to learn how to identify the parties in which it is possible to perform them. For this you will need to have a calculator on hand that can make your job easier.

In some cases, a surebet is something impossible to perform in the same bookmaker since the different sportsbooks usually adapt their odds very well and take a profit margin from them. Therefore, if you bet on all possible outcomes, the user ends up losing money.

How to identify a surebet?

We’ve already told you that it is very important to learn to identify the parties in which a surebet can be performed. On the internet you can find a lot of sites specialized in this that can do the job for you. But if you want to get the most out of it, our recommendation is that you know how to do so on your own.

Identifying a surebet is usually easier if you use the decimal format for the odds, which is one of those that by default uses a large part of the Sportsbooks. But if you have a different one, set you can change it in your account settings.

Step by step example

Look for a specific event in which to place bets on all possible market outcomes. For example, bets on the winner of the match Arsenal vs Chelsea on the Bet365 website:

Arsenal @ 2.87

Draw @ 3.75

Chelsea @ 2.30

Once you know the odds for the game, you will have to split “1” between each of the odds and then add everything. Only if the result of the sum is less than “1” will it be possible to perform a surebet, for example:

Arsenal @2,87 → 1/2,87 = 0,348

Tie @3,75 → 1/3,75 = 0,266

Chelsea @2,30 → 1/2,30 = 0,434

0,348 + 0,266 + 0,434 = 1,048

As you can see, in this case the surebet is not possible because the result is greater than «1». Now, this is part of what we explained in the previous section. The Sportsbook takes good care of its odds so that this is not possible.

Compare odds in different Sportsbook

For the above, it is important to be registered in more than one Sportsbook if you want to place safe and risk-free bets. For example, imagine that you find a second Sportsbooks that pays Arsenal victory at 2.60 instead of 2.30. Let’s take one more look at the example if we replace this new odd with that of the original Bet365 example:

Arsenal @2,87 → 1/2,87 = 0,348

Tie @3,75 → 1/3,75 = 0,266

Chelsea @2,70 → 1/2,70 = 0,37

0,348 + 0,266 + 0,37 = 0,984

If you look, the result is less than «1» so in this case it is possible to place a safe bet in this match by combining the odds of a couple of Sportsbooks. Due to this reason, if we want to make surebets we have to constantly monitor the variation of the odds in the different Sportsbooks since in some cases the criteria to set these values may be different. In other websites they can offer you promos of improved quotas (super quotas) that you can make the most of it to obtain benefits.

How to calculate surebets

Now is time to calculate the proportion with which the money will be distributed among the different options, based on the result of 0.984 that has been obtained. This will be the formula to use:

1/0,984= 1,016 x 100 = 101,6%

The next step is to calculate individually each bet with the following formula:

Arsenal @2,87 → 0,348 x 101,6 = 35,35%

Tie @3,75 → 0,266 x 101,6 = 27,02%

Chelsea @2,70 → 0,37 x 101,6 = 37,59%

Once you have calculated the percentages, you must choose the budget you are going to allocate for the total bets, in this case, let’s give an example of $100 that will be distributed proportionally to the results we have obtained, remaining as follows:

Arsenal @2,87 → $35,35

Tie @3,75 → $27,02

Chelsea @2,70 → $37,59

In this way, whatever the result you will get a profit of between $1,3 and $1,4 for every $100 that you allocate to your budget, which implies between 1.3% and 1.4%. This may seem little but in the long term it is quite significant, taking into account that you will win your bet regardless of the final result.

Tips for making surebets

Now, if you plan to make surebets we tell you some of the recommendations that our experts have for you:

Learn to calculate very well

First of all, it is important that you learn to identify surebets and calculate them accurately. Remember that in mathematics any mistake can ruin everything, so keep in mind that a slight mistake in the calculation can result in money losses. Use a calculator and familiarize yourself with the formulas to get the results.

Use more than one Sportsbook site

We’ve already told you that Sportsbooks are very well protected against this method since this could mean losses for them, that’s why surebets will always be obtained by combining the odds of more than one bookie.

Take advantage of super quotas

There are some Sportsbooks that offer much higher odds to a specific result and they can take advantage of them to place safe bets.

Pay attention to promos

It may be the case that your Sportsbook offers you cash back if a bet on a specific result is losing.

Avoid Sportsbooks with limitations

Sometimes Sportsbooks can set some limits on different bets so keep in mind that the ones you are going to choose do not include this type of restrictions.

Best Sportsbooks to place surebets

Finally, now that you know how to make surebets or safe bets, we offer you information about some of the best Sportsbooks to do it:


This is an internationally recognized brand and it provides you very good fees and few limits. Bet365 is one of the most reliable options worldwide and a great alternative if you plan to make surebets.



The principle of the Pinnacle Sports bookmaker is not to limit its users even if they have a winning trend, something that can be an unpleasant experience. This, in addition to its very good quotas, make of Pinnacle one of the best options to make surebets.


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