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Meet the Unibet mobile app

Unibet is a Sportsbook with a long history, they have been going on for more than a couple of decades since they were founded now having more than 10 million users worldwide. This Sportsbook is a boom in many European countries, but they stand out greatly in the north of the continent. All this experience is also available through the great Unibet mobile app, so that you can take it with you anywhere.

Unibet’s sports betting mobile app

Today it is very common to use the internet for any activity and the betting industry has made a spot in this world. There are many Sportsbooks that have jumped into the online gaming scene to offer their services to users from different countries. Unibet has a little more hierarchy because it is positioned among those that have been operating for a long time.

Online betting is a great alternative instead of the old face-to-face fashion that was conventionally known. Having the opportunity to bet on any sporting event or to enjoy the best casino games is something very valuable for punters. The industry grows little by little and you can not only place bets by phone but also have a computer and internet access to register on the website of any Sportsbook.

However, beyond online betting through the use of a computer there is the possibility of being able to bet with your mobile device. As with many activities we do in our daily lives, bets have also reached the age of the smartphone to make your life easier.

The Unibet Sportsbook knows the importance of not giving up space to the competition. Therefore you can also bet on Unibet from your mobile so that everything is much easier and faster.

What is the difference between the mobile version and the Unibet app?

Many users may have enough with betting on Unibet through the web version that is perfectly adapted for mobile browsers. However, the experience offered by the Unibet mobile app is much better because it is usually easier and faster when using.

Speed is the most remarkable point for the mobile version of the app. The experience in the latter is usually much faster since it contains a lighter design and is specially designed to place bets from the mobile.

In addition, the app design can be much more comfortable, practical and very intuitive, so as to enhance the gaming experience.

Why betting on mobile in Unibet?

The human being has created different tools to make his life easier. In the betting industry, this also happens and just as many users preferred online betting at the time from a computer, now many have moved to the mobile era. Now they place their bets from an app and take the benefits that this brings.

A much faster experience

The speed factor is very important, especially for experienced users who like to use the live system. Boosting your experience faster to place your bets or browse all that Unibet offers you is a very positive factor.

Those who focused on finding the best odds in the live system, betting trading lovers or those who simply enjoy betting live. There is a huge benefit in it. Odds are updated much faster when using the application and this allows to get greater profits if we manage to fish a very good chance.

Bet anywhere

Surely it has happened to you that you will not arrive home in time to bet on your favorite game. Now that is not a problem with the Unibet mobile app. Just by grabbing your mobile, you can access it and place bets before they starts or while it is developed with the live system that this Sportsbook offers to you.

No matter where you are, the hype will always be you everywhere if you have the Unibet app so you don’t have to worry about setbacks anymore. The mobile era gives you the benefit of betting anywhere you  might be, quickly and easily, as well as being able to see the variation of the odds in real time.

From the bed or the sofa

Life is usually very uncomfortable, betting does not have to be too. The Unibet sports betting app will make you forget the computer. You can place your bets from the couch while watching Sunday’s game, without having to get up and miss the game for a few minutes.

You can also play online casino from the comfort of your bed using the Unibet app. All board games, slots and others are present in the app, providing you greater comfort.

Is the Unibet mobile app free?

You can download the Unibet app for mobile phones completely free and when using it only charge mobile data rates of your operator.

Available for Android

If you are an Android user you can download the Unibet mobile app from the Google Play Store at any time by following these steps:

– Go to Google Play Store and search for Unibet sports betting mobile app.

– Select the «Install» option.

– Click “Accept” and let the Unibet mobile application download and install on your device.

Unibet, a very prestigious brand

The Unibet company was born in 1997 as something quite small that had its operations in the home of its founder in London. A year later they were already operating in the market of telephone betting, a modality that became quite famous at that time. Once the corresponding licenses were obtained, in 1999 they lauched their online betting web site and there started the history of this fantastic betting site.

Unibet is owned by the Kindred Group, named in 2016, since it was previously known as Unibet Group Plc. This group is based in Malta, although it has branches in other countries. Kindred operates different betting and casino brands, Unibet is the most prestigious of them.

In Unibet you can place sports bets in your preferred disciplines. They have a fairly wide offer and therefore they have gained enormous prestige in different countries. This web site operates with more than 10 million customers in the different products it offers and sports betting are the most important one of their offers.

If you like casino games, bingo and poker, Unibet has all of that for you. This means ultimate fun but also, with a little skill and fortune, also means great profit. The best of all is that Unibet allows you to bet from your mobile with an adapted web version. And you can also enjoy Unibet mobile app for Android App that you can download from the Play Store.


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