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New Jersey casino manager fired due to an error of $60,000

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If you are based in that state, you will be very interested to know about this New Jersey casino error and how to make some profit from it. Making errors is a human thing, but there are mistakes that can be incredibly expensive and it is precisely the case of this new casino.

New Jersey online casino error causes USD60,000 in losses

The casino belongs to an online gaming industry company that has had losses of almost USD 60,000. That was due to an error made by a manager in the launch of this company in New Jersey‘s online market.

Of course, the negative numbers are not definitive for this company. It is expected that they will continue to rise while users discover how to make profit from the decision made to make money with it in a completely legal way. There are almost 60,000 dollars that the company has had to disburse to users in cash prizes or free plays.

How did this happen?

It should be noted that there are many people who tend to make profit from the launch of new online casinos. They get the welcome bonus in offer and find a way to turn it into a cash prize after overcoming the established conditions. Kevin Waterstone is one of them, this experienced casino gambler was the first person to notice the mistake made by the company:

“The promo of the new casino in New Jersey that was offered to new customers was that by making a deposit of at least $20, the user would receive a welcome bonus up to 100% of the deposit amount in free plays. But it turns out that there was a serious writing error by the company , and because of that the clients receive a bonus of $20 simply with registering without making any deposit”.

Many people have registered in this famous casino and have received their welcome bonus without even depositing a cent into their account. This same people have used this bonus to play and win huge prizes just like Jessica Wintercore. With one of the jackpots accumulated in one of the most famous machines, it pays coins from this casino corresponding to more than $50,000.

Turning the free bonus into winnings

Jessica tells in her story that she made it by registering on this new casino gaming platform and now her life has changed dramatically. “I had to go to work every single morning for more than twelve hours a day. I didn’t like it at all, but it was the only way to cover all my expenses and now, thanks to this prize I can feel more relaxed and look for a part time job,”added the lucky jackpot winner.

More and more people manage to take advantage of this millionaire error. They try to earn free money or use it in the casino in order to multiply it as the above case of Jessica. It is also that of Phil Araujo who declared to have received the bonus of $20 and turned it into $1,000 using his blackjack skills and background.

Unfortunately for the company, there is no way to reduce losses as the laws state that the terms of agreements and conditions cannot be changed without a specific period of prior notice to do so. Therefore, many people continue trying to get the bonus of $20 on free spins every day, which can be made only by registering due to the error in the agreement.

The manager John Chiswicky was dismissed

John Chiswicky, who held the position of manager in the casino company was automatically fired after knowing the writing error in the terms and conditions. The thousands of losses are estimated to continue rising. It will be so until the settled time to change the agreement. There are several and logic reasons for the dismissal of Chiswicky, giving a place for Joshua Guerrero to solve this huge problem.

We have reached out Guerrero by email and he has told us this: “This unfortunate mistake has been very costly for the company, the losses are quite considerable but right now we only have to find a solution and go on. Learning from mistakes is very important for us, we want to keep working in New Jersey; this market is very important for us and this situation should not stop us, we fully trust that we can stay and move forward despite the costly mistake that has been made. ”

Is it legal to get money with this New Jersey casino error?

It is completely legal. It was an editorial failure in the agreements so you should not worry about it.

We tell you how you can get your money for free:

– Enter William Hill.

– Register on this web site

– Receive a free refill of $20 completely legally.

Enter now and know if the offer is available

UPDATE: The millionaire error that allows you to earn 80,000 COP for registering at the online casino has not been fixed yet!

The new terms and conditions agreement will be settled on December 31, 2019. Till then it cannot be used.

If you live in New Jersey, request your $20 totally free of charge and absolutely legal!

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