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New Jersey Online Sportsbook PointsBet : Analysis and opinion

Sportsbook Pointsbet

More and more people are joining the world of online gambling, and everyday there are more options when it comes to Sportsbooks where to place bet. In the specific case of the United States and more precisely in New Jersey, a Sportsbook that stands out from the rest is PointsBet.




PointsBet exists since 2017 when they started in Australia, but it was not until the last year when they started operating in New Jersey. If PointsBet is a Sportsbook that calls your attention and where you would like to bet from New Jersey, you have come to the right place because in this article we will tell you everything you need to know about this interesting Sportsbook.

New Jersey online Sportsbook PointsBet

PointsBet is a sportsbook that is taking up more and more space, not only in North America but also in the world, currently already operate in New Jersey, Iowa, Indiana and Colorado.

PointsBet is operating in New Jersey, as a fellow Meadowlands Racetrack, since 2019 specifically in January. It is currently regulated by the New Jersey Games Division.

Two curiosities that make PointsBet really attractive are, in the first place, the fact of its special system of bets called PointsBetting which we will be talking about later, and on the other hand, the second interesting thing about PointsBet is that it has two well-known figures in the world of sports as their ambassadors, Darrelle Revis, the NFL veteran, and the NBA hall-of-famer, Allen Iverson.

PointsBet Promos

What makes PointsBet an ideal sportsbook for New Jersey residents are the promotions and the offers that it has are directed specifically to the people of that locality which are the following:

New Player Bonus

Certain conditions apply and you can read it more carefully on the PointsBet website, but in summary we can tell you that this Sportsbook offers a welcome bonus for all those new bettors.

This bonus is about being able to place a risk-free first bet of $100. That is to say, you bet $100 and in the event that you lose they refund you exactly the same amount. $100

And there is a second bonus, also for $ 100 in which they refund all the money if you lose, but it is specifically about already promotions of the SportsBook. In either case, you will be fully refunded up to a maximum of $ 100 on your first two bets.


New Jersey Promo Code

In order to access this bonus for new players, you must have the PointsBet promotion code. This promo code is Playnj available primarily for New Jersey, plus Iowa, Indiana, and Colorado.

Loyalty Program

The Loyalty Program is also something very interesting that PointsBet offers you. it’s a program traditional in which you get points as clients once advanced career within this sportsbook. You can get rewards in the form of points for every dollar you bet, such as you can also have it for every dollar you earn in parleys.

PointsBet Betting Market

The PointsBet betting market is pretty broad when it comes to sports. ThisSportsbook offers lines in more than 17 sports and obviously the most popular are Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Football, Hockey, Mixed Martial Arts, Motorsports and Tennis.

Within the different types of plays that can be found in this Sportsbook, you will find the classic ones like MoneyLine, Spreads and Totals, however, we must clarify that the wide market for professional sports or for established leagues such as the NBA, MLB, NHL, NFL among others, is very broad unlike the college leagues. There are leagues like the NBA that they offer more than 200 different bets, while the same sports discipline in NCAA offers just 30 options.


The PointsBetting system offered by this Sportsbook is something quite complex that you can Read in detail on the PointsBet page, however, we summarize it this way.

If you bet that a team will win, the greater the margin by which that team won the greater your profit will be, but at the same time the greater the margin for which you are a team lost, the greater your loss will be. You can set within your bet a maximum limit of loss, for obvious reasons of financial security, but it is really interesting because it allows you to make exotic plays if you are that type of player.

PointsBet App

PointsBet has a fairly friendly site with a nice and easy-to-use interface, however, it also has an application for Apple and Android devices from where you can enjoy more comfortably everything that this Sportsbook offers.

How to create an account on PointsBet

To create a PointsBet account all you need to do is follow a series of steps that are pretty straightforward. Depending on where you are, the steps may be different, in this case we will tell you specifically what you should do if you are in New Jersey.

The first step is simply to download the application, which will be available for both iPhone as for Android, once you download the application you must register by entering the New Jersey promo code: Playnj, then complete the steps that the same application will tell you where you should only provide some very simple data and afterthat will be ready to make your first deposit and to have your first two bets risk free, as we already told you previously where you can receive up to $ 200 in bonuses.

PointsBet Deposit Method

In the specific case of New Jersey, PointsBet allows you to make bank deposits online also through MasterCard, credit and debit cards, electronic checks and PayNearMe.

PointsBet Withdraw Method

To withdraw the money you have earned in PointsBet there are not so many options as to make a deposit. Most are checks and bank transfers, although in many cases users they prefer the prepaid card where you can receive your money electronically and directly. While others prefer to withdraw it physically, specifically in cash at the meadowlands racetrack.


PointsBet Sportsbook

Our Opinion about PointsBet

We will tell you our impressions after all the analysis that we have already shown you of PointsBet Sportsbook and at the end we will give you a verdict to which only you can add the last word.


PointsBet Sportsbook has several pros, one of them or the most interesting are the bonuses it offers specifically for people in New Jersey. Another pro is that it’s really easy to sign up and creating an account and we also find the PointsBetting betting system very attractive where your winnings may increase depending on the score of the game in which you placed your bet.


The only not very favorable details that we found in PointsBet Sportsbook are in the first place It is not available for all locations equally, although it if you are in New Jersey you will not have any problem. And second, is that the way to withdraw money is not so simple and there is not a wide variety of options.


Our verdict is that PointsBet Sportsbook is an excellent option if you are in New Jersey and if you do not have problems with the not very varied list of options to withdraw your earnings, however, it seems to us a really attractive option that offers not only interesting offers and promotions, it also allows you to make very, very interesting exotic bets.



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