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Play Starburst for free – the best online slot

play starburst slot

Starburst is one of the most fantastic virtual slot machines that you can get on the market. Many users consider that it is even the best online slot that has been designed so far. Not everyone provides you with the fun that it gives you and that you can enjoy for free.

Starburst Online Slot Overview

The slot machine market has grown tremendously. New games are emerging every day with different themes designs and operation. Times where classic slots predominated are gone, we are going now from triple seven to the era in which games are animated with different motives.

The themes of the slot machines are many at present and every day it expands much more. It is very often to find slots with motifs of the best movies or TV series. There are even some more exclusive ones that include famous people. There are many adventure-based in ancient Egypt; the variety that exists in the market is huge.

Some websites are dedicated to offering different games of chance and others specialize in virtual slot machines. Either way, each of them usually go to the catalog of specific suppliers to establish their offer. In many cases, some sites may offer thousands of these games as they have made alliances with different manufacturers.

Among all the slots, Starburst stands out as one of the most played and funniest for users. If you have not tried this fantastic slot, you are missing a lot and therefore we have prepared a detailed review of this game.

Starburst, the star of NetEnt

The fabulous game that we present to you on this occasion is called Starburst and its manufacturer is NetEnt, a famous game provider that although it has very innovative and popular products, has in this slot its greatest success.

Starburst has been dominating the market for many years. Its features make of it a very fun game and it has earned the preference of many online casino users.

This game does not have its own story but it is set in the stars, in space, and the translation of its name points precisely to it. However, the symbols are typical of the classic slot machines, in this case in combination with different color jewels.

Although it does not have a very lively plot, high definition graphics and a space-themed background provide a great experience, added to the great sound effects that this game includes.

What makes this slot a wonder is that players can combine the experience of classic gaming machines with a fairly novel design that is pleasing to the eye and a boost to emotion.

How to play Starburst?

This fantastic slot is designed with a ratio of 3 rows to 5 reels. You can choose to play between 10 pay lines that unlike many other games can be read both from left to right but also in an inverted way, which enhances the possibilities of that you can get some prize at each turn.

Another great pro of Starburst is that the reels end up stacked, so the chances of getting a winning combination increase significantly.

Look for the wild symbol

The symbols of this online slot are not far from those we can find in the classic slot machines, the popular sevens, bar symbols and precious jewels of five different colors. The Wild symbol is an image of a bright star and can help you win great prizes.

If you get good combinations you can win fantastic prizes according to the amount of your bet. In the same payment line there must be 3 or more identical symbols to produce a winning combination and provide a prize.

The wild symbol usually appears on the central reels. It is enough that one of them appears so that said roller is filled with the image of the star in its three rows and freezes, repeating up to three times the turn to seek to enhance the profits.

The prize table for each of the combinations will be at your disposal at any time by pressing the icon of the letter «i». When you get a prize you can see great visual effects, much more if you get the greatest of all possible, which implies a combination of 5 bar symbols.

Before turning, you must set the amount you will allocate to that bet. You can choose between a minimum of $ 0,1 and $ 100. If you want to make a turn you can do it manually by pressing the green button in the center or select the “autogame” option so that the slot starts to do it automatically.

Where can I play Starburst?

NetEnt may provide this game to different online casino operators but the best of them is 888 Casino. This is the ideal place to try your luck and have a good time playing Starburst.

The triple eight brand is one of the most recognized in all of Europe and has three websites for different themes: sports betting, poker and casino. This online casino operator is fully regulated.

Betting on 888 Casino is the best option. This website is one of the most confident users inspires as their trajectory and prestige speak for themselves. In addition, they have a fairly complete offer that includes the best slots on the market, including the popular Starburst.

One of the strengths of 888 Casino is that it has a large number of promos that can translate into greater chances of winning on this website.

The 888 Casino no deposit bonus is a marvel that almost no website offers. Therefore you will have the chance to try it and play the Starburst slot machine for free. You do not have to enter money to enjoy the most fantastic slot, with the chance to get amazing prizes.


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