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Super Bowl winner bets

betting super bowl winner

The NFL is one of the most popular sports competitions around the world. Football is a sport of great skill that generates a lot of emotion among its fans, which increase worldwide every day. The NFL season reaches its end with the most important game of all. We have a look at the Super Bowl winner bets for this edition.


Betting on the Super Bowl LIV winner

Football has been expanding to different parts of the world, but the NFL is undoubtedly the key reference when we talk about this discipline. It is not surprising that this league is so popular as the United States of America have shown that they are able to organize the best competitions in the world and project them to the entire world.

The Super Bowl is the most important game of the season. The two best teams of the year, those who have managed to overcome each of the obstacles to reach the goal, face each other. Each conference brings a team to this grand finale, as indicated by the format of the competition. If there is an event in the world that keeps hundreds of millions of people in suspense, it is precisely the Super Bowl. In its latest edition, for example, it was followed by more than 160 million viewers worldwide.

Who and where is the Super Bowl played?

In this edition, the Kansas City Chiefs have arrived in condition of AFC champions while the San Francisco 49ers have rached this final after conquering the NFC. Both teams have had a very good performance throughout the season. The prize for that is their ticket to play this February 2nd at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, the possibility of winning the Super Bowl LIV.

Super Bowl is also one of the events that move more money in the sports industry, not to mention the amounts that are bet every year in this game. On the internet there are dozens of betting sites that allow you to forecast this event in advance. One of them is Bet365, the most popular Sportsbook on the entire planet that also provides you the most favorable odds at the time of betting.

What to bet on the Super Bowl?

Bet365 gives you the possibility to place bets in the Super Bowl. There are more than 250 markets that are available. Therefore, you have the opportunity to make your best choice applying the knowledge you have of these teams, their players and the different statistics of them over time. It’s not only about Super Bowl winner bets, there’s a lot more.

The odds for this match are quite good. There is really a lot of parity between both teams. That is why the moneyline betting market has similar odds for both teams, the difference is barely noticeable.

Kansas City opens as a slight favorite to achieve the conquest of this edition of Super Bowl. Bet365 grants a fee of 1.80 to an eventual victory of the Chiefs, so if you decide to bet $ 10 for them you would have a profit of $ 18.

For its part, the San Francisco squad has a barely higher odd of 2.05 to win the match. The same bet of $ 10 would generate a copper of $ 20.5 in case the 49ers were made with the Super Bowl.

Spread betting

Proportional to the quotas we have seen from moneyline we found a spread (handicap) of -1.5 points for Kansas City. This is something quite conservative since the Chiefs would have to win by just 2 points ahead to cover the line, understanding that a field goal could end up being enough difference to achieve it. If KC’s victory is minimal in the final result (one point), then the winning bet will be San Francisco 49ers +1.5. Both teams have a fee of 1.90, so every $ 10 bet would leave a profit of $ 19 in case of success.

If we check the betting section for total points, we can see that the line is located at exactly 54. That could well be a high number in regular season, but in this case it is a match where there will be no truce.

The first half bets are also available at Bet365, the odds to the winner of the same are much more closed than full game. KC Chiefs’ share increases to 1.83 and that of SF 49ers is reduced to 2.00, while the handicap set is just -0.5 and the previous odds are reversed.

The difference between the two markets would be that the handicap -0.5 implies that the KC really wins the first half as the +0.5 SF makes a draw enough to collect the bet. If you bet on the winner of the first half and there is a tie at the end of it, the bet will be returned.

If you prefer, you can place bets in each of the periods of the game. In all of them, the handicap -0.5 of KC prevails and the higher total lines quarter is the 2nd, placing it at 16.5.

Create your own handicap

Of course, Bet365 is a Sportsbook known by offering an infinity of markets and proposals. You have many more possibilities to choose when making your forecast. For instance, although the basic spread is at -1.5 for KC, you can set it to your liking, having the opportunity to take it to -12 points at a juicy share of 4.00.

If you want to be a little more conservative, you can take a +9 handicap for the Kansas City team itself. You can also take the maximum spread of points to be received by San Francisco, which would be +12. The same happens with the total points initially located at 54, you can reduce it to 43.5 or increase it to 64.5.

If you are good at predicting exact scores at the end of a match, you can choose some of the available intervals for the total points. For instance, a bet that the sum of the points of both teams is between 51 and 60 is quoted at odds 3,40. The same happens with the margin of victory that you can set for each team in ranges of 6 points (for example, 1-6; 7-12; 13-18).

Super Bowl LIV Specials

Since you cannot normally combine two bets in the same match, you can choose to bet on one of the special markets that Bet365 offers to you. This consists of choosing the winner and at the same time predicting the total points. For instance, you can bet on Kansas City and less than 54.0 at a 3.25 odds for every dollar you decide to put into play.

The over and under markets are not only present in terms of points. You can also bet on the total of completed passes (45.5), passing yards (540.5), first chances (43.5), clearance (7.5), among others.

If you know very well the performance of each of the participating Super Bowl players, it is worth taking a look at the Bet365 betting section about their performance in the match. You have a selection of available players so you can predict if any of them will score a touchdown at any time during the game, or better yet, if it will be the first or last of the game. For instance, the fee to which Patrick Mahomes will score at least one TD in the match is 5.00.

There are many markets and proposals for the different players of both teams. You can choose whether to score more than 2 or more than 3 touchdowns, there are bets related to completed passes, receiving yards, total possessions, rushing attempts, among others.

Betting on Bet365

The range of options offered by Bet365 does not end there, it is so wide that you will have to look well to choose the ones that best suit your taste. If you want to place your Super Bowl winner bets, this Sportsbook should be your main option. It is a 100% safe and reliable operator with two decades in the market, internationally consolidated with an unmatched reputation.


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