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The 3 best strategies to bet on MLB

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Baseball is one of the most exciting sports that can exist, it is a sport that In addition to skill, it implies an adequate strategy to achieve the objective and when betting, it seems to be one of the most difficult to predict but it does not mean that it is impossible, A good statistical analysis and a knowledge of the game in general are enough to get your bets right. We are going to show you the 3 best strategies to bet on MLB.




Major League Baseball (MLB) is the most important baseball competition in the world,popularly known as the Major Leagues, it is a tournament that has very good organization and it moves the mass public in the United States of America but also in Mexico and Central American and Caribbean countries such as Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Venezuela, among others.

Really few sports competitions in the world equal or exceed the number of MLB spectators, it has become one of the quintessential events for lovers of sports and one of the centers of attraction for gamblers.

MLB is really popular in Mexico, due to its proximity to the United States, the Mexican public by tradition is a baseball lover and sympathizes with teams like Los Angeles Dodgers, Houston Astros, among others.


How to bet in MLB?


Before delving into the strategies, it is important to highlight that there are many ways to betting in MLB these days, Sportsbook offer a lot of markets for choose the one you like the most or the one that seems easiest to predict. All Sportsbook will allow you to make forecasts on the winner of the match, in some others you can venture with other more risky and attractive options.

Here are some of the most popular MLB markets:

  • Moneyline: It is about placing bets on the winning team of the match; choose between the two teams to the team that will make the most runs at the end of the match, including extra innings.
  • Over/Under: The Over and Under market consists of predicting whether the number of total runs at the end of the game exceed the line established by the Sportsbook. Over implies “More than” and Under “Less than”, so if the line is set to 8.5 and there 9 runs or more, the Over would win and if the opposite, the Under.
  • Run line: The RL, also known as Run line, is a handicap type market which consists of adding or subtracting 1.5 runs to each team. If you take the handicap of team that starts as favorite is -1.5 runs, which means that they must win by at least two runs of difference, while if it is the non-favorite adds +1.5 to the final result, so even if losing by a minimum difference, the bet would be a winner.
  • 5th inning: You can place bets on the 5th inning, very similar to the ones we have seen until now. It is possible to predict the winner up to this entry or take a run line of 0.5 runs for or against, plus betting on Over/Under. Ideal when you havevery good statistics about starting pitchers.
  • 2nd half: Similar to what happens with bets on the 5th inning, you can Bet on the second half of the MLB game, either the winner or the O/U.
  • 1st Inning YES/NO: It consists of predicting whether or not there will be runs by any of the two teams during the first inning of the game.
  • First to score: This market consists of betting which team will carry out the first run scored of the game.
  • Boxscore (H+R+E): If you are one of those who manage very good statistics, you can try place bets on the total sum of hits, runs and errors reflected on the board at the end of the baseball game. Similar to what happens with runs, you can bet on Over and Under.


Bet365, the best option to bet on MLB


If you are looking to place bets in MLB, you should know that the best website for this is Bet365, with its great offer that includes a wide variety of markets in each of the major league games.

Bet365 outperforms the competition, in addition to the markets that are regularly offered you can bet on special propositions related to the number of home runs or hits that it will connect a player during a match, you can also place bets on innings and much more.

The Bet365 Sportsbook has been operating in the market for 20 years, it has become a successful brand around the world, in Mexico they have their own version with .mx domain that is fully adapted to the needs of the local public.

As for MLB, Bet365 has the largest number of markets and matches from different leagues of everyone but also the fees are usually excellent, not to mention that you can access fully live broadcasts through its live streaming system.


Top 3 strategies for betting in MLB


Betting in MLB requires very good statistical analysis and a lot of knowledge of the matter but it is also important to have a very good strategy to have bigger chances of hitting the predictions.

Next we tell you The 3 best strategies to bet in MLB :


Visitor scores first

One of the simplest strategies that can be really effective is to bet on the “First to score” market by the visiting team, which, as established, is the first to take offensive position in a baseball game.

In the scoring market, the visiting team is usually favorite, although it depends a lot of the defensive ability of the opposing team. By hitting first, the visiting team will have the possibility to be the first to score and it is really a very good strategy that Long term could be very profitable, especially if the team is offensive.

Beyond everything, look closely at each team’s numbers before taking a bet on this market, if there is an opposing pitcher that allows very few runs, it won’t be such a good idea.



5th inning bets according to starting pitcher

Full game Over/Under betting is conditioned by many factors, other than what occurs in 5th inning bets, where the number of runs set as a line is set toa little more than half and to determine it will be essential to know the numbers of the pitchers who open for each team.

This strategy is that if there are two starting pitchers with very good effectiveness, it is better to bet on the Under to the 5th inning, while if two pitchers face badly performance would be for the Over.

Many bettors make the mistake of betting the O/U in full play using this criteria but it loses enough effectiveness since the second half depends a lot on the pitchers of the bullpen and the physical state of the players after several disputed innings, in addition to if mentioned condition becomes greater if the game goes to extra innings. That on is one of the best strategies to bet in MLB


Away team run line

Surely more than one has happened to take the run line -1.5 from a local team and the match arrives tied for the ninth inning, causing the only way for the team in question win is that you do it for the smallest difference, since for you to achieve an advantage of 2 or more runs would have to hit a home run with at least one man on base.

Well, it is very common for the situation explained above to happen, so the best when to bet on a local team is not to take a run line that implies disadvantage because it is little, there will likely be a home run with a man to decide the game.

It is always recommended to take the run line of the visiting team when it is positive, since there is a greater chance that the local will end up winning just by just one run difference in case there is a fairly even game. Enjoy the best strategies to bet on MLB.




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