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The best TRICK to always win in sports betting

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Have you ever imagined a strategy that allows you to always win in sports betting? Come on, of course you have, like any other person at some point and probably until today you have not made it yet. The goal in bets is always to win, although if you bet in a conventional way you will notice that it is more complicated than expected. Thousands of punters lose a lot of money every day because they don’t know how to make safe and risk-free bets. That’s why we decided to tell you a trick that could change your life in betting.

What is the best way to always win in sports betting?

Safe bets is a strategy that many successful punters use to obtain revenue from their betting activity, since conventional bets involve the risk of losing money and in this case the idea is to win each one of them.

What are safe bets or ‘surebets’?

In the first place, we just need to break down the English term surebet: sure means “safe” and bet translates into gambling action. Now, it is not as easy as pressing a button and waiting for the result. The strategy of safe bets implies at least a little time and dedication.

The surebets are nothing but bets that we will make regarding different results of the same event, splitting the amount of money available in a strategic and proportional way so that we can win safely.

Safe bets will allow you to win in a certain event regardless of the result, In order to do this, you will have to know how to recognize when this chance shows up. That means having always a calculator next to you making your work easier and being registered in several sportsbooks to find the best profit. Why? Later you will understand.

There are Sportsbook that are good for you to catch the surebets since their odds are excellent and they lend themselves to it, so at the end of the post we will give you a recommendation of our team of experts with the best Sportsbooks to make surebets.

How to recognize a surebet?

The first thing we need to start using this strategy is to be able to recognize when a surebet can be performed. On the internet there are many sites specialized in this that can help you a lot. Although, it is important that you learn to do it by your own, so you get the most out of it.

To recognize a possible surebet it is important that you use the decimal quota format, which is the most used in Europe. Generally, Sportsbooks let you choose from different styles of odds to make it easier for users.

In a given event we will choose the possible results for a market, for instance, the winner of the friendly soccer match between Argentina and Uruguay at Bet365:

Argentina @ 2.00

Draw @ 3.40

Uruguay @ 3.50

Being aware of the above quotas you will have to split “1” between each of the quotas assigned for the different results then add everything. In case the figure is less than «1» you can make a surebet, otherwise not.

Looking to make it easier we illustrate the process for each of the results:

Argentina @2.00 → 1 / 2.00 = 0.5

Draw @3.40 → 1 / 3.40 = 0.29

Uruguay @3.50 → 1 / 3.50 = 0.28

0.5 + 0.29 + 0.28 = 1.07

In the previous case, the result of the sum is greater than “1”, so it cannot be performed in a surebet. Now, imagine that you find another Sportsbook and in this same game you get a 2.60 fee for the victory of Argentina, if we replace the original one with this one, we will have achieved it and it would look like this:

Argentina @2.60 → 1/2.60= 0.38

Draw @3.40 → 1/3.40= 0.29

Uruguay @3,50 → 1/3.50= 0.28

0.38 + 0.29 + 0.28= 0.95

How to calculate a surebet

If we consider the last case, surebet would be possible since the figure obtained from the sum of each of the operations is less than «1».

This is the reason why you always have to evaluate the odds in different Sportsbooks, since in one or the other we can find a strange variation in the fee, some error, higher odds in favor of some team or even House promotions known as «super fees» that allow you to make a much higher profit.

Based on the result of 0.95, we calculate the percentage of total odds between the three bets in order to split the money proportionally. The formula to use is as follows:

1/0.95= 1.05 x 100 = 105%

The odds for each bet are now calculated individually:

Argentina @2.60 → 0.38 x 105= 39.9%

Draw @3.40 → 0.29 x 105= 30.45%

Uruguay @3.50 → 0.28 x 105= 29.40%

Once the percentages of each possible outcome of the match have been calculated, the budget allocated to the bet is chosen and splitted in proportion to what is indicated. In our example, we would allocate $ 100 and distribute them as follows:

Argentina @2,60 → $39,9

Draw @3,40 → $30,45

Uruguay @3,50 → $29,40

In this way we will ensure that, whatever the outcome of the match be, we will obtain earnings from 3% to 4% of the bet we place.

Tips when making surebets

Although, as we have already seen, the benefits for each bet are not really significant, if you manage to identify several surebets you can gradually add up safely and without risks. Of course, keep in mind some of the recommendations of our experts:

– Register at more than one Sportsbook.

Creating an account in more than one Sportsbook will allow you to have several options for calculating surebets and will make it more likely to get one of them. In addition, if a Sportsbook manages to notice that there was an error in the calculation of their odds, it could void your bet, as is usually established in the terms and conditions.

– Take the super quotas.

The improved odds allow you to get extra benefits for a given bet, while the opposite results can be bet on another Sportsbook

– Stay tuned for promotions.

Sometimes you can find some Sportsbooks that offer the money back if you lose a bet on a specific result.

– Take the welcome bonuses.

Betting on insurance can be much better if you do it with money that the Sportsbook itself gives to you as a bonus product.

– Choose the best Sportsbooks.

The better the odds offered by the Sportsbook, the greater the possibility of finding surebets and making a profit from sports betting.

What are the best Sportbooks to make surebets?

Our experts have compiled for you the best Sportsbooks to place safe bets and try the trick to always win in sports betting:

Bet365. The best Sportsbook in the world is also the best option to make surebets due to its large number of available events and its generous fees – YOU CAN JOIN FROM HERE AND ENJOY THEIR WELCOME OFFER

Pinnacle. Lots of experience and great value in their odd, besides a massive offer on sports and different betting markets – CLICK HERE TO BET ON PINNACLE WHERE WINNERS ARE WELCOME

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