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Unibet SportsBook New Jersey: Analysis and opinion

Unibet Sportsbook

Online betting is much more than a trend or a simple boom, it is a worldwide phenomenon with more and more followers every single day, and today there are many sportsbooks that offer this interesting service to punters in all parts of the world and the United States, despite its restrictions, is no exception. The regulations for online gambling in the United States are quite rigorous, however, since recently in New Jersey gambling is legal, and one of the most popular sportsbook in offering this service in New Jersey is Unibet.

If you want to place bets online from New Jersey and Unibet Sportsbook is an option that you are interested in, you have come to the right place because in this article we will tell you everything you need know about Unibet Sportsbook, so you know how to register, how to create an account, and how place your bets from this interesting Sportsbook, in addition to everything it has to offer.




Unibet Sportsbook

Unibet is a company that has been operating in the world of betting since 1997, specifically in Europe, it has currently extended its range to the United States, more specifically in the localities of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. It is expected that by mid-2020 also have a branch in Colorado.

Betting on Unibet is completely legal as long as you do it from New Jersey or Pennsylvania. At Unibet you can place bets online from the web platform, as well as you can do so from the application they offer and in either case you must activate you location to demonstrate that you are in a location in the United States where online gambling is legal.



Unibet NJ Welcome Bonus

A very interesting marketing strategy that Sportsbooks are using today is offer a welcome bonus to bring more and more users. Unibet is no exception and has an interesting welcome bonus that we tell you about and we detail below.

Unibet offers two welcome bonuses for new users and the first is $20 completely free in betting. To obtain this bonus it is not necessary to make any deposit, however, you do must place two bets of $10, once the bonus is credited in your account. On the other hand, you can also make a $250 bet free of all risks, once you have made your first deposit of $10, this must be done in cash.

But that is in the general case, in the specific case of New Jersey, Unibet has a very special for all those punters who are in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania, it offers you $10 in bets, as well as 100% of what you have deposited initially once you created your account, that is, the first deposit you have made with amounts ranging from $10 to a maximum of $500.

However, this last type of bonus requires a 25x rollover.


Unibet Sportsbook offer

The offer of Unibet Sportsbook is as varied as most of the offers of other Sportsbooks. Betting, at Unibet you can bet on baseball, basketball, soccer, football, hockey, MMA, among other less popular sports.


Unibet Sportsbook bettings

At Unibet you can find the most common types of bets that exist in practically any sportsbook, like Moneyline, which is it when you bet on the winning team of a match or game.

You also have Total Points, which is the amount of goals or races that they will score in a match by both teams that play it and you also have the Spread, which is when depending on whether a team is favorite or not, you play based on the advantage or disadvantage that the Sportsbook gives you, in the case of baseball the spread is usually -1.5 runs for the favorite and +1.5 runs for the non-favorite team, also known as an underdog, while that in the specific cases of other sports usually varies a lot and everything depends also not only from the sports discipline, but also from the specific league or competition.


Unibet App

Currently the vast majority of sportsbooks offer an app to do the entire process of betting much more comfortable and of course more attractive to bettors. Unibet Sportsbook is no exception and offers a mobile application that is available for Android, specifically for people from New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and also on iPhone although the latter is only available at the moment for New Jersey, however, those punters who have iPhone and are outside of New Jersey specifically in Pennsylvania, they can enjoy the web version, but if you are reading this article surely you are in New Jersey, so we can tell you that you can easily download the application on whatever device you have.


How to create an account at Unibet Sportsbook from New Jersey

creating a Unibet SportsBook account is really easy, however there are some roughness is with respect to legality. Unibet Sportsbook is a compliant betting site with all the regulations of the United States and therefore to be able to create an account in Unibet you must share your location to confirm that you are in New Jersey.

Once you enter the platform, just click on the Sign up button and follow the instructions that we detail below.

First, you will find a section where you must provide personal data such as name, date of birth and address, then you proceed to share your location as we said before and you can do it quietly using geolocation technology.

We must do emphasis once again on that if you are not in New Jersey or Pennsylvania anyway you can´t create an account, the next step then you must share your location is to create a password.

Finally, when you have complied with all the instructions that we have just mentioned, it is the moment you choose the bonus you are going to opt for, you can also enter the bonuses Specials for the New Jersey location, if you are interested in them.

After you have entered All your information, Unibet is in charge of verifying the details and a notification will be sent to you once your account is available and you will not need to make a first deposit of immediately, although of course you can do it if you want.

Unibet Sportsbook Deposit methods

The minimum that Unibet allows you to deposit is $10, you can do it through transferbank, you can also use the Unibet prepaid card as well as at the same time offers the option of PayNearme, electronic checks and in some cases the option credit or debit card, although within the Unibet platform you will find some regulations in this regard.


Unibet Sportsbook Withdraw Methods

Withdrawing your profit from unibet is as simple as to deposit, actually, the available methods are basically the same, you have visa or a mastercard, there is also Paypal and you can even withdraw cash through the casino and of course, the Unibet prepaid card.

If you want us to give you some advice, we can tell you that the waiting time for the withdrawal of money, may vary according to the method you have chosen and from experience we know that e-wallets usually take much less time on this type of sportsbook, so if you want to withdraw in the shortest possible time, it is recommended that you use precisely electronic wallets known as e-wallets.


Our opinion about Unibet Sportsbook

We have already shown you what would be our most objective analysis of this Sportsbook, you already know all the details that you can verify for yourself, and it’s time to tell you our opinion about Unibet Sportsbook.



Unibet Sportsbook has several advantages that make it very interesting, but without a doubt, the most notable are the welcome bonuses, which, in addition to being very varied, are quite generous. Overall, it’s a Sportsbook pretty similar to almost any other, but that welcome bonus detail stands out above the rest.



Unibet Sportsbook actually has very few downsides, but one of them is that it is available only the for New Jersey. We think that this is quite limiting.

On the other, we have also known cases in which some deposit methods are not accepted for this sportsbook. It all depends on the brand and the company of the deposit method that you choose, then it is not necessarily something that is 100% related to Unibet, but rather related to your bank’s deposit method company, but it still seems like a limitation to be taken into account.


Our final verdict

Our verdict is that if you find yourself in New Jersey, you have money in electronic wallets and want to place bets online, Unibet is a very interesting option to have fun and make some profit while doing so.




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