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What is the best Sportsbook to bet on boxing?

best sportsbook to bet on boxing

Combat sports are usually very exciting, especially boxing. This is a discipline that requires a lot of concentration on the ring and a strategy that can keep standing on who is in it, seeking to overthrow the opponent. It has also traditionally been a favourite for punters. Find out what the best Sportsbook to bet on boxing is and why.


Best Sportsbook for betting on boxing

Boxing is one of the most followed sports in the world and it is of course that attract the punters the most. It is no accident that a large part of the most important events in this discipline are played in Las Vegas, the city of the realm of bets in the United States.

In this sport you usually bet on the winner of a match, the total of rounds or make a specific bet on each one of them. There are many more options. With a good analysis of an event you can take advantage of it as long as the odds of the Sportsbook also cooperate with it.

There are many Sportsbooks and the truth is that the vast majority focuses on providing good odds only in sports such as soccer, leaving aside other sports that interest punters. The market is full of a large number of Sportsbooks. Most of them include boxing in their catalog but do not receive sufficient attention in any as in Bet365.

Bet365 is the most relevant sports betting platform in the Spanish-speaking market. Both in Spain and in much of Latin America they are the most popular online game operator and in countries like the United Kingdom they compete side by side with the most prominent.

On the Bet365 website you will find the best bets on boxing, a large number of betting events and different markets to choose from. In addition to this, Bet365 is a Sportsbook that is known by offering very good odds and in boxing is not exactly the exception.

Bet365, the best bookmaker

It is not easy to say what is the most popular Sportsbook in Europe, there are countless of them and they are all quite good. But if there are so many users who have opted for Bet365 it is expected that their offer is quite good, coupled with a great marketing strategy quite effective to capture the betting public.

Bet365 is a brand of the company Bet365 Group Limited, whose headquarters are in England, unlike many other companies in the industry that operate from Malta. This Sportsbook also has branches in countries like Australia and Gibraltar.

There are more than twenty years of operations that Bet365 has in the market. In Spain they operate completely legally under the corresponding licenses of the Directorate General for Game Management (DGOJ).

The amount of sports you’ll get at Bet365 is huge, from the most popular like soccer to others of lesser relevance. This catalog includes boxing with a large number of events throughout the year.

Why is Bet365 the best option to bet on Boxing?

There is no doubt that the best option if you plan to bet on this combat discipline is Bet365. Although many Sportsbook have a good offer, none of them manages to overcome this British one. The reasons are many, in this section we tell you some:

Most events

Some Sportsbook only include in their offer outstanding boxing events among fighters with a long history and enormous prestige, but punters always demand much more variety. In the end, the more events we have available to bet, the more opportunities to multiply our money we got at the end of the day using our knowledge in this sport.

Best installments

It is always important to win, but it is also important to make significant profits. This way the better odds give us a Sportsbook the greater our potential profits may be.

Bet365 offers the best odds you can find in the world of boxing. The number of events is not enough but they also benefit users with fees that run over those of the competition and allow the user to get greater benefits from their bets.

Friendly design and interface

The design of Bet365 is well thought out to catch the better, but also to provide comfort when exercising. Everything on the Bet365 website is very well organized. Its interface is completely friendly and intuitive, which is a pro for users with little experience in the world of sports betting, but with extensive knowledge of sports such as boxing.

In addition, the best of all is that you can bet on your best boxing events from a mobile app that has a fantastic design. Betting on your mobile is an incredible experience that allows you not to miss your favorite events anywhere.


With the Bet365 In Play product you can enjoy the best of live betting. At the same time, you can watch the most outstanding events live through its completely free live streaming service.


Bet365 is known by offering a wide variety of promos that can change according to the season. You will probably find very good promos at Bet365. Some of them are for specific boxing events, major fights or just good deals that can benefit you and make you earn more money.

Is it safe to bet on Bet365?

Bet365 has a great reputation worldwide, its enormous prestige and its extensive trajectory supports it. It is a Sportsbook where you can deposit your money safely without any doubts. It is one of the most reliable in the market, they operate with maximum financial responsibility.

The Bet365 brand has been in existence for more than two decades. It is based in England, as well as branches in other countries where it carries out operations. In the USA they are authorized to operate legally in the states where gambling is allowed.

Welcome bonus

Like many Sportsbooks, Bet365 offers a welcome bonus for sports betting so you can make the most of your favorite boxing events.

The welcome bonus of Bet365 is about an additional 100% on the first deposit that will be paid in betting credits. To finally get this bonus you must bet at least once the total deposited amount.

This is an offer that will help you start making your Sport predictions on one of the most reliable Sportsbook in the world.


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