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Bet9ja mobile app

bet9ja sports betting app

Bet9ja is one of the most prominent Sportsbooks in Africa. Its headquarters are in Nigeria which is also its main market today. It has thousands of users who place their bets online every day as an alternative to traditional face to face casinos. Let’s have a look at one of the main assets of this Sportsbook: Bet9ja mobile app.


Bet9ja mobile app review

Online sports betting has become in one of the biggest hobbies for users around the world. While some are looking for some fun and generate some profit, others are professionally engaged in this activity. In both cases, it is always important to have a good Sportsbook and, of course, find a way to make everything much more comfortable.

In the same way as the human being took each of his activities to the digital world, using internet for different purposes, now the mobile era has come to stay. Almost everything that previously required a computer to be carried out, today it doesn’t need more than a smartphone or a tablet.

There are apps for everything: social networks, communication, electronic wallets, banking services, among others. In the world of betting it is also important to have a mobile app that provides users a better gaming experience.

Bet9ja has an app for Android phones that allows users to bet on it with a lot of pros over the web version.

Is it better to bet on Bet9ja from your mobile?

Of course, a «yes» is the correct answer to this question. Betting on your mobile is an activity that becomes much more comfortable, easy and fast. Many users have changed the desktop version for the mobile app because this last brings incredible advantages that you have to know and keep in mind.

Bet on Bet9ja from anywhere

It doesn’t matter where you are, Bet9ja is at your disposal if you have a mobile device. Through the app you can enter from anywhere, no need to wait to get home.

The Bet9ja mobile app is usually very helpful if you have any work delays and you think that you will not arrive in time to bet on a match. Many are the setbacks that may arise and these setbacks cannot mean a margin of error for punters, that is where using the mobile becomes something wonderful.

Much more comfortable

There is more comfort in the mobile. If you find it uncomfortable sitting in front of the computer now everything will be easier. A couple of screen touches will be enough to start placing your bets on Bet9ja.

You can bet comfortably from the table drinking coffee or from bed on one of those cold Sundays where fatigue dominates you. At any time you can check your mobile to watch all the games available on Bet9ja and choose the one you like best to make your forecasts.

Great gaming experience

It’s true that the Bet9ja web game experience is amazing but this is improved through its mobile app. It is very complete, you will find in it everything you could previously do in the computer version so it will be extremely incredible for you.

Also, the Bet9ja app is usually much faster than the desktop version, not to mention everything that represents having to turn on the computer to place any bet. In Bet9ja you will only need your Smartphone and internet access to install the app and have it at a touch of screen on your device.

Available for Android devices

Sportsbooks understand how important the mobile era is in the industry, and also know that having very well designed apps that provides the user a great experience is extremely important.

The Bet9ja mobile app is available for Android devices and you can download it from the Google Play store by following these steps:

– Enter the Play Store and search for the Bet9ja mobile app.

– Click on the «Install» button.

– Choose the «Accept» option by clicking on it and the download and installation will be done on your device.

Bet9ja, reward your passion

One of the biggest Sportsbooks for users in Africa is Bet9ja. This web site is a brand of the company KC Gaming Networks Limite, whose owner is Kunle Soname, a famous Nigerian politician and businessman sports lover. Soname owns a large part of the shares of the Feirense CD of the Portuguese league and he also owns the Remo Stars FC of the Nigerian league.

Bet9ja is based in Nigeria and has been operating in the gaming industry in the African continent for six years. It is consolidating day by day as one of the best options in the market. The website of this Sportsbook is among the most visited in Nigeria.

Although to Nigeria and much of Africa international Sportsbook coverage arrives and well known, it is important to have an offer designed for these users. This is something in which Bet9ja stands out from the rest for being a native of that region.

An important point to note is that Bet9ja operates completely legally in the different states in which bets are allowed in Nigeria. They have permission from the National Board of the State of Lagos.

The Bet9ja web site is specially designed for Nigeria users, its interface is quite simple and its language is English. It has a wide range of sports betting and casino designed for the Nigerian public.

Bet9ja sports betting

In sports betting there is a good variety of categories available and many tournaments to bet on. Bet9ja includes the most popular sports, providing special attention to soccer which could not be otherwise considering that its owner is a king sport lover.

In soccer you can find the main leagues in Europe and Africa, the most important international tournaments and very good markets of the National League of Nigeria. In addition, the quotas are quite competitive so you can make significant profits.

You can bet simply or in combination and also take advantage of its live system that will allow you to forecast any event that is in having place in real time. In addition, bets do not end in sports, you can find categories related to the artistic and political world.

Bet9ja goes beyond the bets, it includes very popular casino games, scratch and win, slot machines. This Sportsbook offers many promos but the most prominent is Super9ja, which consists in selecting the final results of 10 specific games every weekand the best can win incredible prizes.

In addition, you will have the possibility to bet through the Bet9ja mobile app for devices with Android operating system, which makes the experience much more enjoyable.


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