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How to win on horse betting?

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One of the niches within the betting sector that has grown a lot in recent years has been horse betting.  Much more so if we consider that it is a long-standing game and that it has thousands of followers all over the planet.  Chance and horses have always been closely linked, which is why today we will talk about how to win on horse betting.




Previously, to be able to play, we had to do it directly at the racetrack watching the races of the horses live.  However, with the emergence of technology, we can now place our bets from the comfort of our home with an internet connection or in the casino of our choice.  There are no limits in this new era.

Punters are widely known for its passion for soccer, giving several of the greatest exponents of the beautiful game.  However, betting on horse racing has a great popularity worldwide, having multiple options despite the fact that the legislation is long behind in this regard in some countries.  This will not be for long as many countries have taken the first step to switch to a regulated online gambling market, but even in countries with non-regulation, you can bet in horse races. Let’s see how to win betting at horse races.


 How to bet on horse racing?


Horse racing is a very wide universe in which they offer us multiple ways to earn money depending on the operator we use.  In this case we will talk about those offered by Bet365:


 Winner and placed

Winner and placed are more than three bets that will allow you to cover a wide range of action so that you win money.  As for the winner, your horse must reach the finish line first for you to win the bet.  In placing bets your copy must be between the second or maximum third place to be victorious.

The latter could be the perfect alternative, but precisely because the odds are higher, the quota is usually smaller.



It is a term that is used a lot in soccer but also applies to horse racing and is directly related to bets in which the first two places must be hit regardless of the order in which they arrive.

These types of bets are usually complex, since you must study the characteristics and history of the horses very well.  In this way you can know the ones with the best chances of winning the race.



The term trifecta comes from three, which means that you must match the first three positions in the exact order of arrival.  Beginners tend to shy away from this due to the difficulty of their success, giving greater preponderance to the previous options.



To honor its name, you must make a bet in which the first two places arrive in the same order, giving you a great prize for having hit a strategy that turns out to be one of the most complex today.

It is very similar to the pool, although they differ fundamentally in the accuracy in the order of arrival.



It is a widely used option nowadays and is based on selecting two horses and that they arrive in the first two positions regardless of the order, but they must arrive before the other horses.



This strategy requires a great knowledge of the sport and the participants, since you must hit the first four positions and in the exact order to win.  They generally have a very high quota, since knowing who will be among the first four is not easy, it requires a lot of study and passion.



You will select two horses to arrive in the first two positions regardless of the order of arrival.  However, its main characteristic is that if only 6 horses participate, the order must be exact.



 Tips for winning on horse betting


Betting on horse racing is very exciting but it can be complex if you don’t have the necessary knowledge.  For this reason, we will give you a series of tips below so that you are closer to success.


 Know the discipline thoroughly

In any sport it is important to have all the information necessary to carry out the bets.  In horse racing it is no exception, as there are many variables that can influence performance.  You must know all the details before you start betting.

Know the characteristics of the rider, the animal, the track, weather conditions and much more.  All these elements can influence the final result, especially if we take into account that it is an activity with great physical exhaustion for the participants.


 Manage your bankroll properly

Capital management is a must in any transaction, and betting is included in this.  For this reason, the experts suggest making movements that do not exceed 4% of the total capital, since this way you do not compromise all the assets in a single move.

Luck is an indisputable factor in games of chance and although we have many studies and analysis that can reduce uncertainty, it can never be completely eliminated.  For this reason, all bets must be made objectively and without involving feelings in order to have a promising future in betting.


 Analyze horse performance

The horse is like the player in football, the protagonist of the entire event and for this reason it must be analyzed down to the smallest detail in order to be successful.  In this sense, it is important to check the last races, the physical conditions, what their best performances have been and why.

You have to understand that they are animals with feelings and emotions; therefore they may fail and have ups and downs several times during the season.  This must also be assessed when placing bets.


 Consider the rider

It is true, the horse is the main protagonist of this discipline, but he does not go on the track alone.  To reach the goal he relies on a rider, who is a person who leads the horse to achieve the objectives in the best way.  Many think that a simple task but experts point out it as something physically exhausting.

When analyzing the next race, be sure to take the rider into account, reviewing his history in the year, relationship with the horse and the areas on the track where he usually performs better.


 Don’t always bet on the favorite:

Betting on the favorite in gambling might be a great temptation but it doesn’t always mean it’s the best play, at least in horse racing.  Here many copies participate that on paper could have less potential but depending on the characteristics of the race could win and take a much bigger prize.

At this point, the analyzes have to be very objective to be able to get it right.  The best horses also have difficulties and disadvantages that must be taken into account before making the move.  Don’t be impressed by the first few numbers and keep analyzing.

 Strategy to win betting on horse races


One of the most used strategies in horse racing is to wait until scenarios appear with a lot of parity between the participants, leaving the odds so even that it is very difficult to bet on a winner.  In the strategy that we will present to you below, the essential condition is that there be a minimum of 7 horses, choosing three to bet on.


Horse # 3 at odds 4.20

Horse # 5 at odds 4.80

Horse # 7 at odds 5.90


With this example we suggest betting 100$ on each of the horses to win the race.  In this way if some of them prove victorious, we will get a small profit.  It is a play in which we reduce the risks if a careful study of each of the horse’s data is made, ensuring the profitability necessary to stay in the game and win on horse betting.

 Bet365, the best place to bet on horses


Horse racing continues to grow significantly in many countries and UK, Brazil and Argentina are no exception, with a greater number of sportsbooks.  Even more now that the game is being regulated in some coutries, as it is jappening in the province of Buenos Aires.

Bet365 is positioned as the ideal ally for the user who wants to make his passion profitable.  This company has been founded for years and is a leader in the sports betting sector, having sponsored several of the most important teams and events around the world.

If you want to win on horse betting, we suggest that you choose Bet365 as your trusted operator, as they have a state-of-the-art platform where they will provide you with all the details you need to be successful.




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