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Sportsbook and casino GentingBet

sportsbook casino gentingbet

New players emerge every day in the gaming industry, competition continues to sharpen and many Sportsbooks tend to embark on their adventure in new lands. Spain is one of the most attractive markets for any sports betting web site. It has a huge demand for punters and there are many who constantly seek to try something new. GentingBet is a well-known Sportsbook that has decided to expand in Europe and reach Spanish territory. We have a look at what the Sportsbook and casino GentingBet offers in other countries and what to expect from it.

Genting Bet Sportsbook and Casino Review

GentingBet will start operations in Spain

The GentingBet Sportsbook is a brand of Genting Singapore PLC, a company with a recognized track record in the gaming industry. It operates in Malaysia and other countries such as the United Kingdom, being one of the best in its category. The Genting Casinos group launched its online casino service in 2008 and decided to enter the sports betting market with the GentingBet brand in 2013.

With just a little less than six years as an online sports betting operator in the United Kingdom, it has decided to expand its tentacles to one of the most attractive European betting markets. There is no doubt, the Spanish regulated market is one of the best destinations that exist for a Sportsbook. In addition to this, there are a large number of users who are always open to new alternatives.

It is expected that GentingBet will start legally operating in Spain with licenses from the General Directorate of Game Management (DGOJ) soon. They have already requested it in order to start their adventure in Iberian lands. It is known that they not only intend to enter the Spanish regulated market but also others outside Europe. For now, they focus on this because they are the most consolidated in the world.

GentingBet is expected to launch an exclusive web site for Spanish public with .es This site will be in Spanish, since its original site is designed primarily for gamblers in the United Kingdom and is therefore completely in English. So if this Sportsbook is going to dive into the Spanish regulated market, it will surely have a new edition of its site.

GentingBet analysis in other countries

GentingBet is licensed by the Government of Malta to legally operate in countries of European territory whose market is not regulated. They have a large number of users in the field of sports betting in the United Kingdom. Also, the Genting group has a large number of casinos throughout the territory.

Although a version of GentingBet for Spain is not yet available, you can see in its original web site all the content that it brings for its users. This website is in English and you can intuitively find all the sports betting and casino games available for you.

Being a sportsbook and casino, GentingBet offers its users a large number of virtual casino games so that they enjoy the most by multiplying their money. There are different variants of roulette, blackjack, video poker, among others. You can also choose to play live casino with croupiers to make it much more interesting. This mode has become quite popular because the user can watch live everything that happens.

Slot machines at GentingBet

It should be noted that the main provider of casino games and slots for GentingBet is Playtech, one of the largest companies in this industry. They also have other providers such as Novomatic.

Do you like slot machines? GentingBet is ideal for you. There are a lot of slots so you can enjoy trying your luck again and again until you manage to get one of the great accumulated prizes that many of these machines keep for you. There is something for everyone and with different themes so that your fun is fully guaranteed.

The GentingBet slot offer is one of the best in the market and the accumulated boats will surprise you. You can win incredible prizes by just throwing a few times in one of these slots. How about playing Book of Ra or a game of The Legend of Gold Monkey? Enjoy the best games on GentingBet.

Regarding sports betting, GentingBet stands out by offering a good amount of sports in which to make forecasts. There are different tournaments and events to bet on GentingBet, in the case of soccer they range from the most recognized as the Premier League or La Liga to the first division of Vietnam.

Undoubtedly, GentinBet has a great offer on bets and they have a fair and competitive odds to help you maximize your aernings. Another popular betting product that GentingBet offers are virtual sports, although it is likely that these don’t reach their version for Hispanic crowd.


As expressed by the Genting Group, it is likely that its arrival in Spain will be completed in 2020. It is expected the release of a version especially designed for the Hispanic public, in Spanish language and probably with a design more adapted to the trend in Spain, since its original website is a bit different.

Playtech and Evolution Gaming are one of the best known game providers worldwide, surely this Genting alliance with these companies will bring their best products to the GentingBet website for Spain, so it is expected that there will not be much difference with the offer you have in their current site.

The Sportsbook and Casino GentingBet has managed to stay successfully in the United Kingdom, a place where competition is quite arduous. Therefore, you should think that in Spain it will also do quite well as long as they know how to adapt to the needs of users.

Its arrival in Spanish territory will come very soon, there are very good expectations about it because GentingBet is a consolidated brand that will compete side by side with each of its contestants to provide users with the ideal Sportsbook.

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