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Betting on USA 2020 Presidential Election

betting presidential us bet365

Beyond sports betting there is life, the different Sportsbooks offer users, among their categories, the most outstanding events of entertainment, as well as world politics. Betting on USA 2020 presidential election have become one of the most prominent markets today, today we want to show you what are the different options that you can find.




Currently, The Sportsbooks include a lot of sports but also other important events in the world of politics. Presidential and congressional elections are held every year or referendums in different parts of the world and users are also looking to bet on them.

Not only the elections, but it is also possible to bet on whether or not some scenarios will happen in the political world. The United States of America is one of the main axes of the world, a country where all eyes are focused, therefore the presidential elections in this country have such relevance.

Bet365 is a Sportsbook that provides coverage to different sporting events so that users can bet with variety. One of the features of this website is that it allows place bets on political events from the «specials» section, selecting the country of preference. Wee are going to see how betting on USA presidential election.


The race for the White House: how to bet?


On November 3th, 2020, the United States of America will celebrate for the 59th time the presidential election. After four years of Donald Trump’s victory over the Democrat Hillary Clinton, the ballot boxes are re-preparing for the country’s most popular vote.

The race for the White House has begun once again, a dispute that every four years have Republicans and Democrats, the two parties with the longest tradition in the country.

Within a short time for the presidential elections in the United States, several websites offer bets on them. In fact, in this type of event, you can bet from a long time ago, with a large number of options that have been reduced to the main names that will be in the race.

Bet365 offers several possibilities to bet on these presidential elections, you can bet in advance on the winner of said elections, as well as the party that will win the triumph in them. It is also possible to forecast who will be the final candidates for the Republican and Democratic parties, although there are already virtually two names for the presidential dispute.


Democratic Party


In the bets on «Democratic Party Candidate in 2020» Joe Biden’s name appears as the main option at the odds. The former Vice President of the United States is currently the virtual candidate on the Democratic side to chart the path to the White House. Bet365 assigns a very low odd of just 1.13, as expected.

You have to remember that Biden turned out to be one of the most favored in the primary elections, obtaining the first place of the voting with 1509 delegates, although 1991 was needed to get a victory. His main opponent was Bernie Sanders, a Vermont senator, who barely had 992 delegates.

Other candidates like Elizabeth Warren and billionaire Michael Bloomberg got very low results in terms of numbers. Each one was giving spaces and in April the different Democratic candidates ended up endorsing Biden as a candidate for confronting current President Donald Trump.

Bet365 has Biden at the head of this market, although it is still possible to choose figures like Hillary Clinton (9.50) or Michelle Obama (26.00) to run for the Democratic Party. For this, Clinton has supported Biden’s candidacy, and former President Barack Obama has done the same.


Republicans Party


As for the Republican, Bet365 offers an odd of 1.02 to Donald Trump, the main figure of the country at present, and candidate for reelection. Virtually the side’s formula Republican would be Trump-Pence, although the current vice president has an odd of 21.00 to be a candidate at Bet365.

Another name available to bet on is Nikki Haley (41.00), who until 2018 was an ambassador of the United States to the United Nations (UN) and who also he has maintained a somewhat distanced stance from Donald Trump.



USA 2020 Presidential Elections


Now, it is highly likely that Donald Trump and Joe Biden each represent their parties in the next elections. At Bet365 you can bet on the winner of this contest that will take place in November 2020.

You can bet which party will win the election, Republicans have a 1.83 odd and start as favorites to win. However, the gap is not so large, the Democrats’ share is 2.00, which makes it a role in the paper’s very closed competition.

It is very different for those who consider that an independent candidate can give the hit the table and sneak in as the winner of the next election, as Bet365 assigns them an odd of 81.00.

Of course, you can also bet on the winning candidate. Donald Trump is listed as Principal candidate with an odds ratio of 1.83, followed by Joe Biden with a score of 2.30, fairly even values. In addition to them, there are also other very interesting names, although as the date approaches the names will be reduced.


Bet365, the best Sportsbook


If there is a Sportsbook that has earned an excellent reputation for having the most varied offer in terms of sports, casino, and others, that is Bet365. This operator allows users to place bets on different sports categories but also on TV, entertainment, and world political events.

This Sportsbook is the one with the largest number of events available worldwide; the variety is one of its principles and quality too. Of course, it’s also the one with the best odds when betting on any of these events.

The Bet365 brand has reached users in more than 100 countries around the world, has a marketing and advertising policy that has been quite successful and has made it one of the most popular among users.

Bet365 has become synonymous with betting, in Latin America it accepts users from almost all countries and in Mexico have their own version with .mx domain and licensed by the Secretariat of Government (SEGOB), which makes it a completely legal operator.

Without any doubt, Bet365 becomes the best option for the Mexican crowd to betting on USA presidential election or in any other type of event associated with the politics, sports, or entertainment, as well as to play the casino and have fun.



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