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Where to place bets on cricket

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Online betting is an activity with more and more followers day after day where you can place bets from your house or wherever you want just by having a decent internet connection and a Smartphone, tablet or PC/Laptop. Read how to place bets on Cricket.




If you love cricket or just if you feel interested in betting on Cricket online from India, you have came to the right place, here we´ll tell you all you need to know to bet on Cricket properly and making some profit.




Due to ever increasing popularity on the Indian sub-continent, cricket is regarded as the second most popular sport in the world (behind association football) and as such gives the average punter 365 days a year in which he or she can bet on cricket online.

Modern day cricket is unrecognizable from its humble beginnings in southern England back in the late 16th century. Sure, the game is still played with a bat, a ball, two sets of stumps and eleven players per side, but cricket as a sport is forever changing as each year passes.

Traditional red ball cricket played with players in white clothing on a quintessential long English summers afternoon seems a far cry away from the big, bash, bold nature of the ever popular Twenty20 (T20) smash-a-thon that is the Indian Premier League (IPL) with its bright flashing lights, a white ball, colored clothing, cheerleaders and players being sold to franchises for millions of dollars a season.


Cricket game rules


Two teams of 11 players compete in a game of cricket. A cricket field is circular and can vary in size but the centre point, a 22-yard-long strip known as the “pitch” is where most of the action takes place. The two teams take turns to bat and bowl – one bowler and ten fielders for the bowling side and two batsmen at a time (one at either end of the pitch) for the batting side.




The aim of batting is to score the most runs possible in the allotted “overs” (six deliveries from a bowler) or before all of the batsman are given as out by the umpire (referee). A batsman plays at either end of the wicket, with the bowling end alternating at the end of each “over.”

Runs are scored by running to either end of the wicket after hitting the ball or by hitting the “boundary” (a rope around the edge of the pitch) – if the ball hits the boundary after touching the floor it scores four runs; if it doesn’t touch the floor it scores six runs.



The aim of bowling is to limit the number of runs scored by the batting side and dismiss all of its players



Betting on Cricket Online from India


Further on this article we will be telling what the best Sportsbooks are to place bets on Cricket from India, but first of all we want you to know all the possible bets you can place on this fascinating sport.


Cricket Betting market

So you want to place bets on Cricket? Check this list about what to bet on:

  • Match Betting
  • Completed Match
  • Tied Match
  • Innings Runs
  • Top Bowler
  • Top Batsman
  • Team of Top Batsman
  • Bowler Match Bets
  • Batsman Match Bets
  • Tournament Outright Winner
  • Series Winner
  • Over/Under Score
  • Series Score
  • Method of Dismissal
  • Win Toss
  • Toss Combination
  • Odd/Even Runs
  • Most Run Outs
  • Man of the Match/Player of the Series


Some strategies to improve your betting on Cricket


Want to taste you luck on Cricket? Let us tell you some advices:


Read Up & Research Likely Conditions

No other sport in the world is affected by playing conditions more than cricket. Let us start with the uncontrollable – the weather. Anyone who bets on cricket online knows that a look at the weather forecast over the duration of a cricket match is vital in order to gauge whether or not the rain gods are going to impact on how much play we have.

Naturally if we have lots of rain forecast for a Test match, the draw result becomes much more likely as less cricket is played. Over the course of a five day Test match we might expect some rain, but we need to research the venue and the location to find out how much play might be lost.

Finally don’t be put off betting on the outcome of a match based upon some cloud cover and/or threat of rain. Often cloud cover assists swing and seam bowlers to such an extent that certain grounds become several times harder for batsman when the cloud rolls in. Finally, keep in mind that run-rates are forever increasing making draws much less common than they were previously.


Ground History & The Pitch

Following on from the first cricket betting strategy, next we have to predict what the venue might serve up in regards pitch/wicket type. Along with conditions the weather, cricket betting odds and the match type itself are often dictated to based upon what surface the players are given by the groundsman.

Whilst no two pitches are the exactly the same year-on-year, certain wickets tend to play the same due to the soil or grass type, making it hard for a groundsman to change the type of pitch offered up even if he wanted to. This means certain grounds, such as say Cape Town or Adelaide can be traditionally quite slow in nature, making batting reasonably easy throughout the duration of a Test match. Other grounds assist the faster bowlers, naturally offering steep bounce and pace because the pitch is so hard – think the WACA in Perth.

Finally be wary of those uber flat pitches that make for a batting paradise and with it a boring drawn Test match with no opportunity for either side to win. SSC in Sri Lanka and the Sheik Zayed in Abu Dhabi provide two wickets that often play this way. In limited overs matches it is also important to study the history of a venue to see what type of match we might have. If we have rain forecast then overs will be lost, often making it a lot easier for the side batting second, chasing a reduced target with less overs to be bowled out. Like the pitches that are served up in Tests, we need to spend time reading the best cricket tipsters online who could help us spot a trend, such as is a certain ground traditionally a high scoring venue, or a lower one?



The Toss

The flip of a coin can have a huge impact on the overall result of a Test, ODI or T20 match. In Tests you could get to bat on a brand new pitch, offering nothing in the way of movement for the seam bowlers or turn for the spinners. By batting first and setting up a big score, you can effectively take out the chance for the opposition to win and dictate the course of the rest of the game, often bowling last on a pitch that has natural deterioration and offers your bowling attack much needed assistance.

On the other side of the coin, there is a saying which goes along the lines of ‘That was a good toss to lose’ – this usually comes when a captain is unsure of how a pitch will play, be it due to a covering of live green grass or overhead cloud cover which he fears could make batting tough.

Here are the very basic points captains (and punters) will look for when reading a pitch & conditions:

  1. If the pitch looks green it will likely assist the seam bowlers and make batting hard work. Bowl first.
  2. If the pitch looks bare and yellow or white in colour then he should expect easy batting conditions. Bat first.
  3. If the pitch is already cracked, batting is likely to be difficult as the game goes on as these cracks will open up, offering variability in bounce and vast assistance to all bowlers. Bat first.
  4. A check upstairs. Is it cloudy and does the ground traditionally offer help to swing bowlers? Bowl first.


Best Sportsbooks to place bets on Cricket from India


Finally, the info you have been waiting for:



Dafabet was the offical betting partner of Hero CPLT20 2018. They started offering both domestic and international matches on the site, and the cricketing great Shane Warne is now a brand ambassador.

Dafabet sportsbook has quite a range of promotions up for grabs. The first and best one will naturally be the sign-up bonus. You can choose between two different options:

  1. 150% up to ₹15,000
  2. 50% up to ₹30,000

Deposits: For the players from India, they accept both Credit and Debit Cards, and Instant Bank Transfers as well. The minimum deposit limit is also quite low at ₹800. Besides these, they accept Neteller and Skrill, in which withdrawals will be in your account within a matter of minutes.

If you are not living in India the deposit options depends on the currency. USD allows Neteller, Skrill, ecoPayz and paysafecard. If you want to use Euros you can use Neteller, Skrill and paysafecard.

Withdrawals: Apart from Neteller and Skrill where you can withdraw instantly, you also have an option of withdrawing directly to your bank account in India. In our experience, once we completed their KYC process which was uploading of PAN card, the bank withdrawal took less than 48 hours.



CRIC10 is exclusive focusing on the Indian market, so bonuses are not available to other countries at the moment. If you are not Indian maybe you should start at another site. However for Indian players this site will make you feel right at home.

Cricket is at the front of everything they do. They have a cricket news section and sponsor major events.

Cric10 offer a 100% welcome bonus for punters from India. To place bets on Cricket from India, here.

You can deposit and withdraw via:

  • Local bank transfer (step by step guide on the site)
  • Credit and debit cards
  • EcoPayz
  • Entropay
  • Skrill (NB: no signup bonus with this method)
  • Neteller




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