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How to Bet on Hollywoodbets from Mobile

Hollywoodbets from Mobile

There are millions of sports bets that are made day after day. Everywhere in the world there is always a person gambling and South Africa is no exception. Many people gamble in traditional stores, others do it from their laptop and some even do it from their mobile device. In this article you will learn everything you need to know about how to bet on Hollywoodbets from your mobile, including information about its mobile application and even about the markets where you can place bets on this Sportsbook.




Hollywoodbets South Africa


Hollywoodbets is without a doubt one of the most popular sportsbooks in South Africa. In fact, today Hollywoodbets is a Sportbooks with millions of users in South Africa. This company offers many venues where you can place your bets in person, but the most interesting thing is that they also give you the opportunity to register on their platform and place your bets from the comfort of your home, from your work or from wherever you are, thanks to its online betting system.

If you want to enjoy the experience of betting from your mobile without having to leave your home, this article is for you. Keep reading and you will discover all the advantages of betting on Hollywoodbets from your mobile and everything you can enjoy in this Sportsbook.


Hollywoodbets Mobile Experience


If you are in South Africa and you want to live one of the best experiences in the betting world, you need to enjoy the sports betting that Hollywoodbets offers through its online system. In Hollywoodbets you can bet from your cell phone without having to leave home, and you can also do it in many markets, in many sports, and you can even bet live.

The best of all is that you have two options, you can bet from the browser, without any complications, or you can have an even higher level of experience when betting from the application, if you wish.

Betting on Hollywoodbets from your mobile is really very easy, you just need to choose one of the two ways that we mentioned above and enter from your cell phone.


Hollywoodbets from older mobiles


One of the most interesting things about Hollywoodbets is that it always wants to please all its users. If you are a user with an old cell phone, one of those that does not have the current technology, you can also enjoy Hollywoodbets services and place bets from that device through SMS messaging.

Some of the models that are accepted to post in this way on Hollywoodbets are:

  • Nokia 105
  • Samsung E1205
  • Nokia 130
  • Blackberry
  • Samsung S60 series.

For these cases, what you should do is register from your cell phone in one of these ways:

  • A Hollywood Bets branch
  • Sending SMS “bet” to 45294
  • Visiting the Hollywood Bets website from your browser

After registering in one of those ways, you can download the Hollywoodbets app from its own website.


Hollywoodbets Mobile App


As you saw, Hollywoodbets offers you the option to download and install an application for your mobile device. This option is ideal if you want to enjoy the best of betting in South Africa from your cell phone without having to leave home.


What to bet on Hollywoodbets from Mobile


You already know how to download and install the Hollywoodbets mobile application, now it is time for you to also know everything you can bet on in this South African Sportsbook.

Next, we tell you everything you need to know about the options you have to bet from your mobile on Hollywoodbets.


One of the most attractive sports betting markets worldwide is soccer. Millions of people bet every day on soccer alone, and Hollywoodbets lets you bet on the most popular leagues as well as local South African tournaments.

Do not miss the opportunity to bet on your favorite soccer team through your cell phone, remember that Hollywoodbets allows you to do it from the app they offer on their platform.



Gamblers in South Africa love horse racing. In Hollywoodbets you have the opportunity to bet on them and win good money, and as you already know, you can do it from the comfort of your home by betting from your cell phone.

From the most popular races to others that are not so famous, they are all in this Sportsbook that seeks to please the South African public.


Other Sports

Soccer and horse racing is not the only thing Hollywoodbets offers in sports betting. This interesting Sportsbook also gives you the best of other disciplines such as Baseball, Hockey, Basket, etc.

Not only do you have the most popular sports but there are also the best leagues as well as a few others that may not be as popular but to the taste of South African bettors.


Hollywoodbets Live Experience


Hollywoodbets trata de ofrecer a sus usuarios lo mejor del mundo de las apuestas. Uno de los mercados más populares en la actualidad es de las apuestas en vivo. En Hollywoodbets puedes disfrutar de apostar en vivo en tus deportes favoritos. Solo debes ingresar en la sección de in-play y verás todas las opciones disponibles para apostar al instante.




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