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Best Sportsbook for betting on table tennis

betting table tennis

The world of sports betting does not stop growing but when we talk about betting on table tennis we have to mention Bet365, the Sportsbookthat universally has the largest number of events in all sports disciplines. Bet365 has a presence in more than 100 countries with the latter having its own version with local web domain.




Online sports betting makes it possible for users to bet on their favorite events from home, the perfect way to get money with their knowledge of the sport. Table tennis, also called ping pong, is a sport that is not in as much demand as soccer or basketball, but it really becomes a great alternative for many users because it is an uncomplicated and really exciting game.

How is table tennis played?

If you are going to bet on a sport, the first thing is that you know its basic operation, it is necessary to understand it in order to predict the result and win a bet. Table tennis is no exception, the ideal is to know how to play to be able to make your first bet in this interesting sport.

First of all, you have to know that it is a sport created at the end of the 19th century in the United Kingdom as an alternative to tennis and over time it has gained great popularity, to the point of being considered an Olympic sport since 1988.

Also known as ping pong, this sport requires a lot of agility, concentration and a quick reaction. It is played in a similar way to classic tennis using rackets but on a table, it can be played both individually and in couple.

In the case of individual play, the player taking the serve must strike the ball vertically with the racket so that it bounces off his side of the table only once and advances to the opponent’s side. Once the ball is in play, each competitor must hit the ball after the ball bounces once on its side, causing it to reach the opposing side until one of the two cannot keep up.

The player who reaches 11 points will be the winner of the game but it should be noted that the official games are usually the best of three games.

Main bets in table tennis

Table tennis has various ways of betting, although the number of markets available will depend a lot on the Sportsbook. Bet365 is one of the most types of bets available for this sport, in this section we show you some of the most popular ones, dividing them between bets per game or per match.


Betting per game

Table tennis game bets consist of making predictions of one of the specific games, remembering that the best of three is played. Here are the most popular bets per game:


  • Winner
  • Handicap
  • Total points
  • Double bet: winner + total points
  • Correct marker
  • Margin of victory


Match Betting

These types of bets consist of forecasting within the match in its entirety, below we show you some of the most outstanding:


  • Winner
  • Handicap
  • Total points
  • Double bet: winner + total points
  • Correct marker after 2 games
  • Correct marker after 3 games
  • Double result betting: winner of the 1st game + winner of the match
  • Total points per player


Bet365, the best Sportsbook in the world


If there is any operator in the world of online betting that stands out above the rest, that is Bet365. This Sportsbook has the most complete offer that you can find in the market, it accepts users from different countries of the world and has positioned itself as the favorite of users in many of them.


The company Bet365 GroupLimited is based in the United Kingdom, where it was born more than 20 years ago by the Coates family, who until today has been in charge of managing the company successfully.


In general, Bet365 has an excellent service, to which it must be added that his career has made him make a name for himself in the industry, not to mention that his marketing and advertising strategy has permeated perfectly among users.


Why is Bet365 the best option for betting on table tennis?


If you are looking to bet on table tennis, you have Bet365 as your main ally. This British Sportsbook has a very outstanding offer, which includes this discipline so that you can put into practice everything you know about it.


Here are some reasons that make Bet365 the best option for betting on table tennis:


Large number of events


One of the main features of Bet365 is that it is a Sportsbook that has a fairly wide catalog of sports and that in each of them there are a large number of events to bet on, covering different events from around the world. In table tennis it is the same, Bet365 is the Sportsbook that includes the most events, in any part of the world that takes place, whether they are the most outstanding or the most remote tournaments, you can bet on them.




Greater number of markets


Despite the fact that table tennis is not exactly the most popular sport or the one that bettors like the most, it still has very interesting options when it comes to betting. Bet365 usually goes much further in terms of markets, whatever the discipline, and in table tennis there are different options for you to place your bets.


Of course, the number of markets is not as high as in other sports but it is much more than in other Sportsboks that only accept positions to winner.


Best odds


Bet365 brings you the best market shares both in table tennis and in other sports, it is a company policy to have very low profit margins, this makes it gain preference among users.


Odds are of great importance to users, the better these values, the higher the profits. Of course, live you will find many better options since the change of situations and scenarios in a game creates a variation in the odds, it is about waiting for the moment to choose the one that best suits us.


Web and mobile design


The design of the Bet365 website is highly organized and fresh, despite its large amount of content. Its interface is very novel, the colors are adequate, it has a touch of attraction for the user.


The mobile version of Bet365 can be accessed from anywhere, a design similar to that of the desktop but quite innovative, adjusted to different mobile devices.




This company has very good marketing strategies, users who bet on this platform enjoy different promotions that can enhance the winning capabilities of each one.

New users can get an incredible welcome bonus that is awarded in free bets, you can use them to bet on your favorite table tennis events and look for winnings.


In addition, from time to time they usually offer very interesting promotions, each of them will help you to bet and win money without risking your own capital.


Live bets and streams


Bet365 provides you the opportunity to bet on table tennis in its live betting section, so you can forecast the best events while they take place. Live betting has a little more excitement, the variation of the odds in real time makes everything a little more exciting, although in ping pong there are not so many options to bet live.


One of the advantages that this Sportsbook has over the rest is that it has an extraordinary live game broadcasting service completely free of charge. To access this service, it will be enough to be registered on the platform and have a positive balance in your game account, so you can follow your favorite table tennis matches from home while betting on them.


Is it safe to bet on Bet365?


Completely, this Sportsbook has different licenses at international level that allow it to operate legally in different countries. In addition, its outstanding track record makes it a solid, safe and reliable option.


What are you waiting for to bet on table tennis at Bet365? Register now and start earning with your knowledge and skills in this sport.



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