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How to bet on kabaddi

bet on kabaddi

Online betting are the top on gambling right now, and one of the most popular sport to bet on in India is kabaddi. If you feel appealed to bet on kabaddi, you have came to the right place.


Kabaddi, the Indian favorite sport to bet online

Kabaddi is a sport which has been predominant in India and the world for many years together. However, the fame and recognition of the sport have been comparatively recent due to various leagues and tournaments coming into existence, especially the Pro Kabaddi League in India.

There are few sports in the world which originated in the Indian subcontinent. Kabaddi is surely the most popular among them. Though the game has been hugely popular in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan over the years for years it remained a poorer cousin to cricket in India. This can perhaps be best understood from the fact that until few years ago there wasn’t an organized league structure and few broadcasters were interested in serving this game into the living room. Kabaddi World Cup and Asian Games remained two of the most popular events for this game.

Since kabaddi has been a major sport in the world, even more so in recent times, many online betting operators offer kabaddi as a sport to bet on. Betting on kabaddi is comparatively easier when compared to other sports such as cricket or football as the tournaments are less in number and so are the markets.

Kabaddi Markets

Kabaddi betting may not have as many markets as you’d find in the case of football or cricket but nonetheless it is still an interesting sport to bet on. The kind of markets you’d be allowed to bet on depends on the bookmaker you choose for the purpose of betting. Here are some of the common markets that you are likely to come across with all the top bookmakers-

  • Game Winner/Draw
  • Team to earn 15 points in first half
  • Top raider
  • Top tackles

Kabaddi events to bet on

Kabaddi still remains a niche sports and hasn’t found much of market outside the Indian sub-continent. While countries like United States of America, If you are planning to stake your money on Kabaddi here are the tournaments/leagues that you need to target –

  • Pro Kabaddi League (India)
  • Super Kabaddi League (Pakistan)
  • Women’s Kabaddi Challenge (India)
  • Asian Kabaddi Championship
  • Kabaddi Masters (UAE)

How to place Kabaddi bets

Good things about online sportsbooks is that most offer a variety of sports you can place your bets on. On the other side there are just as many, if not more markets, and that can be confusing. The best online sportsbooks in the industry offer a load of markets most beginners aren’t even aware of, so when you see them on a website, it can confuse you at first sight.

However, they are there for a reason. Other markets than the industry standard 1×2 bet give you a greater chance of winning. These markets offer a freedom of choice beyond the standard bets so you can try your hand at something more exciting.

If you’re planning to bet on the outright favorite in a match, things are rather simple. You pick a side (home or away) and place a bet on their odds. You can also bet on a draw where it applies. However, wouldn’t it be much more fun if you could bet on the number of goals, red or yellow cards or goals per half? These additional markets are often more lucrative than the standard ones, so if the outright winner odds are not enticing at all, we suggest giving them a good look.

Best Sportsbook to bet on kabaddi

As we already said, there are a lot of Sportsbooks where you can place your bets on, but when it is about Kabaddi, there are a few of them and we recommend you the next two:

Dafabet Sportsbook

Dafabet is an Asian bookmaker that offers a great all-round online gambling experience, mainly focused on the Asian market. As an Indian player, you will feel valued and really well taken care of at Dafabet. They offer betting on Indian sports like kabaddi, they accept Indian rupees and they even have customer service available in Hindi.

Dafabet has gained a good popularity among Indian punters, so we think it is more than just an option, it is a safe one.


10Cric Sportsbook

10Cric is an international Sportsbook with a focus on cricket betting. This betting site is open exclusively to Indian players and offers all the conveniences that Indian players need. They accept Indian rupees and allow you to bet on sports such as cricket, horse racing, kabaddi, etc. They also have a news section dedicated to IPL. Using this Sportsbook seems to be a great experience for Indian players.

Despite Kabaddi is not its main product, we can say it is the second one after Cricket. So if you need a Sportsbook to bet on Kabaddi, this is a good option too.


An effective strategy to bet on Kabaddi successfully

To add to your betting skills, we have come up with a few key pointers on advanced strategies which can help you understand your team and other teams better during betting.

For example, if you are betting on a team in the Pro Kabaddi League in India, you can check the key players in the team and how they perform against any of their opponents. If a raider performs better against a particular team or if your team is more motivated against a certain opponent during the initial rounds of the tournament.

The concept of revenge matches is very much existent in the Pro Kabaddi League. If a team is in the 4th or 5th position in the points table, the next few matches which they will be playing will be crucial and they will be motivated to win to get to that 3rd place or even 2nd. Following the league and all its matches in important to make an informed decision.



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