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How to win at corner bets?

Win at corner bets

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, and in some regions it is ardently played and enjoyed. The progressive increase in fans has been such that we could say that it borders on immeasurable character.  In this opportunity, we will provide you with everything you need to know related to corner bets in football.




What are corner bets?

Corner bets are a very common play nowadays, many include them in their bets regularly because of how fast it is and the different options it gives you.  This action is mainly based on the corner kicks of a football match, either by a specific team or even by both.


Types of corner bets

The ways of betting in the corners are quite diverse, they vary according to the competition and the bookmaker where you decide to make your movements.  The most recommended operator on the net for this type of bets is Bet365 since it offers a wide range of options for this modality.  Here are some ways to play corner kicks:

Corners Over / Under

Through this play, Bet365 makes an interesting over / under proposal based on the corner kicks where it assigns a figure that represents the midpoint.  The bettor must decide if the final number of corners in the match will be higher than the line or, on the contrary, it will be lower.

For example, the operator could set the limit figure to 10. If there are more than 10 corner shots in the game, we would be talking about an over, on the other hand, if that figure is not exceeded we are facing an under  .

One of the many benefits that Bet365 offers is the possibility of modifying several lines with different odds.  To illustrate a bit, if the figure is 10 we could reduce or increase it according to our preference.

Approximate number of corners

This option is more open, and allows us to bet on the approximate number of all the corner shots in a match.  The bookmaker is in charge of providing these ranges, however, at Bet365 you can find the widest and best ranges of values, such as six to eight, nine to eleven, twelve to fourteen, and many more that can  be adapted to the context of each party.



First time

In most sports, some plays can be focused on a specific time, in the case of football you can bet on over / under corners for the first half of the game.


It represents one of the best movements, in this play we will choose the team that we think will execute the most corners, and if we think there would be parity in that sense, we can choose the tie option.

Corner handicap

It is very similar to the common handicap but limited to corner kicks, we are talking about the difference that could exist between one team and another.

Minute of the first corner

This play is one of our favorites, it becomes very interesting and fun trying to choose whether or not there will be a corner kick in one minute of the match that Bet365 will choose. First corner

It focuses on defining which team will be the first to execute a corner kick.  Plain and simple, but it doesn’t make it any less exciting.  One of the positive points is that the waiting time for the result tends to be short.

Last corner

This option is greatly influenced by the score and the determination of the team to search for the rival goal in the last minutes of the match, it is a play where you must hit the team that makes the last corner kick.  It is one of the most disturbing.

Total corners per team

Here we will choose an over / under based on a total number of individual corners of one of the two teams that face each other.

First to get corners

The Bet365 operator gives you several lines on the first team and obtain a certain number of corner shots or if none would execute any.  For example, the first to get two corners.


The multi-corner play is novel and was created to complement the existing ones.  This consists of multiplying the number of corner kicks that took place in the first half, with those that occurred in the second, the result opens the doors to bet.

Total corners in 10 minutes

This bet is ideal for bettors who do not like intrigue and waiting.  It is about deciding between an over or under in the corner shots that are made in the first ten minutes of the match.


Tips for winning corner bets

In the following lines we will provide the best tips to invest and succeed in betting on corner shots.

Bet on a secure website

Trust in any transaction is key, betting on sites that are recognized and have a good reputation is essential for the fun and investment of all users.  In case the bookmaker is not so famous, it is important that it has an international license that gives you security guarantees.

Don’t bet a lot of money

In the betting world, you have to have a balanced behavior, avoid exacerbating your spirits so as not to lose large sums of money.

Creating a budget is vital and doing it from the beginning is synonymous with starting well.  You should never inject more than 5% of the capital in any play.  No matter how safe or confident we are, we must minimize all risk of loss.

Study the statistics very well

In this market, statistics have a transcendental value, all teams have a certain performance that leads them to generate an average of corner shots per game.  In the majority these are fulfilled depending on the context of the competition and the rival you are facing.

Analyze the context

Studying the moments that teams go through is crucial.  Knowing the collective and individual functioning that each team has is decisive to make your plays and win from prior knowledge.


Bet365, the best bookmaker in the world


This organization is the most recognized in all latitudes of the planet, the structure and services they offer are first-rate.  The constant interaction has generated more than 45 million customers who would not change Bet365 for anything in the world, becoming familiar with the web platform and the constant promotions that they extend to each of the users.

With a presence in most countries, Bet365 gives all football lovers the opportunity to place bets on corners and produce money in every action of this passionate sport.  With Bet365, no action goes under the table.




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