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How to Deposit At Online Casinos and Sportsbooks via Netbanking

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There is a new Sportsbook everyday available to place bets from India. Also, there are always new Online casinos where the Indian players want to have fun. But it seems to be a little problem sometimes to make a deposit via an available method for Indian players. Discover here how to deposit via Netbanking at Online Casinos and Sportsbooks.





Netbanking is a new depositing method, actually, is a great new option, especially for those in India. It emerges as a new way to deposit and withdraw money online and it is perfect for online casinos and Sportsbooks users.

If you want to know more about Netbanking just keep reading. Here we will be telling you all you need to know, including how to make a deposit at Online Casinos and Sportsbooks.


Netbanking: New Depositing Option


There are many options the Indian players can use at online casinos and Sportsbooks, but sometimes they are not so trusty or just not available for every web site.

Netbanking emerge as a new option for deposits and it is linked to UPI. Do you want to know more about it? Well, just keep reading because it is getting better.


Unified Payments Interface (UPI)


Unified payment Interface systems is only for users with a banking account on the bank that participate in this program, it was developed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) in 2016 but it is something really new as a payment method for online casinos and Sportsbook.

These are some of the participate banks of this system:

  • ICICI Bank
  • Bank Of India
  • HSBC
  • DBS Digibank
  • Federal Bank
  • Canara Bank

And many more since the list increase every day.



Netbanking for Online Casinos and Sportsbooks


Despite existing since 2016, the Netbanking system is available for important online Casino and Sportsbook from 2020 on, being these some of the most relevant brands that use it currently:

  • 22Bet
  • Dafabet

As it happens with the list of banks that participate in this system, the number of Online Casinos and Sportsbooks allowing this method for Indian players is increasing every day. Currently you can make your deposit for casino and online betting just by using a mobile app or by browsing at web versions.


How to Deposit Via Netbanking


Finally, the moment you have been waiting for: to learn how to make a deposit via Netbanking. It may be different according to each online casino and Sportsbook, but in general these are the common steps to follow:

  • Select the payment method
  • Enter the amount to want to deposit
  • Confirm payment through banking app

Yes, as easy at this. You shouldn’t need to do more than this and it may take 30 minutes as much.


How to Withdraw Via Netbanking


It is important for you to know that Netbanking is not only available for depositing but also for withdrawing, and all you need to do to receive your earnings at online casino and Sportsbooks, is to follow the next steps:

  • Enter your bank´s details
  • Enter the amount of your earnings that you want to withdraw.

If you have already used this method it may be easier and faster, but in case it is the first time for you it doesn´t have to be a problem.

These are some of the banking details that an online casino and Sportsbook may request:

  • Bank name
  • Branch name
  • Branch address
  • Account Number
  • 11-digit IFSC code

Remember that each online casino and Sportsbook may have its own restrictions/limits, some of them may also take more time than others when processing withdrawals.



Benefits by Depositing Via Netbanking


Netbanking is a solution for online bettors from India, it is a very good option for those but have been looking for an alternative at the moment of depositing money at online casinos and Sportsbooks.

These are some of the benefits of depositing via Netbanking at online casinos and Sportsbooks from India:

  • The funds may be transferred within just seconds in most of cases
  • You can split your bills with other users if you want or need so
  • It has the 2-factors Authentication system
  • Available in most of Online Casinos and Sportsbook from India.


Conclusions about Netbanking


Netbanking is more than a new depositing method; it is actually a solution for Indian players who need to fund their online casinos and Sportsbooks account. It is a very good alternative since it is allowed at important brands like 22Bet and Dafabet, for just mentioning the most popular.

All you need is to have a banking account that participates in the UPI system of Netbanking. It only allows Indian banks so it is perfect for Indian users.

With Netbanking you can make your deposits at online casinos and Sportsbook and having a good time playing and placing bets.



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