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How to place sports bets online from Japan

bets online from Japan

Betting online is more than just a fashion in the day, placing bets from the comfort of your cell phone, tablet or computer, is to live the new era of betting, is to do it easily, and we know that as a gambler you want to be part of that phenomenon in which you can bet on the sport you want, in the league you want, in the competition you want, from anywhere in the world where you are. If you are in Japan and want to make sports bets online, you have come to the place indicated in this article we will be commenting on everything you need to know to bet not only in the most popular sports but also those that are most characteristic of Japan.

Keep reading to find out, not only about how to place bets online from Japan in sporting events but also so that you know which are the three best SportsBook for place sports bets online from Japan.




Is it legal to bet online from Japan?


Knowing all the regulations and restrictions that exist about online betting at the level worldwide and especially in the United States, the first question we ask ourselves is whether it is legal to make bets online from Japan.

The answer to that question is that technically no, it is not legal to place bets online from Japan, however, we must tell you that there is an arduous and extensive effort on the part of casinos in Japan and little by little it has been gaining ground at the hands of one of its main governors to legalize betting on the Nippon terrain.

One of the main activists in Japan regarding the legalization of casinos has been the former Tokyo governor Shintaro Ishihara, however, success has been very little.

But, don’t worry, we have great news for you, as long as your online bets you make from SportsBooks that are not located in Japan, that is, preferably those found in the UK, your bet may be perfectly legal.

So if you are interested in placing bets from Japan let us tell you that in addition to all theoptions you have for it, what are the three best SportsBook in which not only You can make bets from Japan legally, but they also offer you a great number of benefits and show a series of very positive features that make them our favorite SportsBook.



Placing bets from Japan: Odds and more


As we mentioned before, placing bets from Japan is a technical issue, in you will be making bets from Sportsbook that are located in other parts of the world like the UK and therefore the type of Odds you will be placing your bets on will be Japanese. In other words, there is no such thing as a Japanese odd.

So basically the bets that you will be placing will below the odds that they find in the Sportsbook of your preference, which mostly works with American odds and tenth odds.


Most interesting sports to bet on from Japan


Of course, from Japan you can bet from any of the most popular disciplines, within them we have for example NBA basketball, and the soccer with all its leagues mainly European that are usually the most popular, however, in this article we I would like to tell you what are the sports preferred by people in Japan so that learn a little more about them and especially how to make bets online in those sports.


Sumo Wrestling

Sumo is an extremely popular martial art in Japan and a bit worldwide, you can place bets online in this sport in which participants only have two ways to win.

The way to win a sumo match by the participants is to have the opponent touch the ground or to get him out of the fight circle.

The difference in MMA is discipline is not based on weight category and there is no knockout as a way to win the bouts, just as there is no submission.


Nippon Professional Baseball

The second most popular sport in Japan is baseball, as well as the Japanese league, which is considered the second-best baseball league in the world after MLB.

In the world of online betting you can bet on the Japanese baseball league where you will have a broad market very similar to any other baseball league anywhere in the world, here you can bet on the winner of a match, you can bet the Run line (-1.5) you can also betting over/under among many other types of bets similar to other baseball leagues.



Judo is the second most popular discipline in the martial arts in Japan, the types of bets you can make on this sport is usually based on the winner of a Combat, however, options may depend on the Sportsbook in which you find yourself placing your bets. The most popular Judo competition in which it is usually held the most online bets in Japan is the summer games.


Kendo is also one of the sports disciplines most followed by the Japanese and after the sumo and judo is one of the interesting to bet online, it is combat with bamboo swords wherein most sportsbooks you can only bet on the winner of combat.

The ones we just mentioned are the sports competitions that only exist in Japan or at least where the most important events take place in that country, there are also other sports competitions that the Japanese are very interested in, such as horse racing and some other type of race, however, the four that we have mentioned above are the most popular sports disciplines for making bets online from Japan.



The best Sportsbooks to place sports bets online from Japan


As we explained previously in this article, we want to tell you which are the three best Sportsbook to make sports bets online from Japan.

The three Sportsbook that we will tell you next not only offers you the best odds to make sports bets from Japan online, but they are also the most recommended so that your bets can be made in a perfectly legal way.


Pinnacle Sportsbook

Pinnacle Sportsbook is a company that has been established in the betting market since 1998, has a great reputation, and is specifically located in Curaçao.

Among the most interesting details that Pinnacle has we must tell you that it is one of those maintains a broader limit for online gambling they are currently adopting the leagues of eSports and offers you one or another market that you may not see in other Sportsbooks.

However, we must also add that Pinnacle is not 100% available for America (Something that if you are inside Japan you should not worry) and we must also add that It doesn’t offer you a deposit bonus as most Sportsbooks do.


Pinnacle registration

Entering Pinnacle is quite simple, you just have to access its website, click on the button to register, after that you must complete a form with your data, once perform that step you must continue with the instructions that will send you to create an account and when you have already created the account you should only make your first deposit and automatically you can place your first bet in the Pinnacle Sportsbook.

Pinnacle deposit method

Deposit method in Pinnacle Sportsbook are debit cards, Master Card, Visa, Wire Transfer and Neteller.

Pinnacle withdraw method

The same as to deposit.


Bet365 Sportsbook


Bet365 is undoubtedly one of the main SportsBook worldwide and also one of the most popular among online sports betting made from Japan.

Bet365 also has a great reputation for operating under the commission license. of UK games and is also closely related to other gaming organizations the betting industries that give it even more credibility such as ESSA sports betting integrity, GameCare, Gambling Aware, and the independent betting award service.


Bet365 Sportsbook


Bet365 registration

You just need to go to the website and there you will find a form which you will have to fill full the to follow steps that you will get via email.

Bet365 Deposit Method

The minimum you can deposit at Bet365 is 5 pounds and we must tell you that within the There are several E-Wallet options that you can use as well as credit and debit cards and transfers, which is the fastest method.

Bet365 Withdraw Method

The methods of withdrawing money from money at Bet365 are the same as those of deposits, however, the minimum to withdraw when it comes to debit or credit card is5 pounds, and also the same applies to E-Wallet, while when it comes to transfers the Maximum is 100,000 pounds. Withdrawal processes can take from 12 hours to 28 days depending on a lot of variations.


1xBet Sportsbook


1xBet Sportsbook is one of the most important bookmakers in Europe today, you can bet on it from Japan, but most likely you will not have most of its benefits such as welcome bonuses among some other things.

This Sportsbook offers the same markets as the previous two, therefore it is one of our favorites when recommending a Sportsbook when placing sports bets from Japan.


1xBet Registration

Signing up for 1xBet is quite simple by following these steps:

  1. Enter the 1xBet web portal and complete the form for you to register.
  2. After that once you have sent the information you can create an account.
  3. After creating your account make your first deposit to be able to place your bets online from that moment.

1xBet Deposit method

Deposit methods, for 1xBet, can be electronic wallets, allowing you a great variety of currencies, although you can also do it from debit cards, credit, bank transfers.

1xBet withdraw method

To withdraw your winnings from 1xBet the procedure is very similar to the deposit, as well as the methods are the same.




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